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The Non-Human Noosphere

The definition of the noosphere as "the sphere of human thought on earth" is woefully anthropocentric. It ignores that fact that our fellow sentient organisms have noospheres of …

An Ecstatic Dialogue with Richard Doyle

When techno–optimist and fellow at the Hybrid Reality Institute , Jason Silva, meets with Richard Doyle, author of Darwin's Pharmacy: Sex, Plants and the Evolution of the …

Anthropo-scene #2: The Mind's Lianas

What are the physical forms of the noosphere?

The Metaverse Roadmap

In ancient times heroes like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus explored the unknown territories of the globe. Today world traveling has become a teenage tourist activity, but …

Powershow 2011 Pictures

Pictures of the Next Nature Power Show 2011 are online.

Drones Protect Rhinos in India

How to deter poachers? With unmanned aerial drones.

Avatar and the glowing bioluminescence of Pandora

At first sight James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar (2009) is no more than a spectacularly rendered version of the classical Pocahontas story. We could criticize its keenly …

Let the Algorithms Roam Free

In this TED talk, Kevin Slavin explains how computer algorithms are breaking free of their virtual habitats and changing the physical world to their liking. Through algorithms, …

Mapping the Utilisphere

Earth has had a geosphere, atmosphere and biosphere for a few billion years. Only within the last several thousand years has earth gained a global noosphere, the intangible …

Occasionally Extinct and Virtually Alive

Japanese researchers are currently working on cloning a mammoth, and plan to produce a fluffy new prehistoric calf within four or five years . The bucardo, an extinct subspecies …

Street View of the United States

The All Streets map visualizes of all the 240 million individual road segments in the United States. Although no other features — outlines, cities, or types of terrain — are …

Lions Relocate to the Suburbs

As cities push to the edges of the wilderness, wild animals are increasingly com

Welcome to the Anthropocene

Watch human and urban life evolve in this 3-minute journey through the last 250 years of our history, starting at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

The Anthropocene Explosion

We have entered the Anthropocene epoch, in which humanity and its instrumentalities are the most potent and influential geological force.