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Plastic Planet

We tend to think of plastic as a cheap, inferior and ugly material used to make children’s toys, garden furniture and throwaway bottles. But as an experiment, imagine for a moment …

Reducing Plastic Bags by 80%

The EU Commission will hopefully reduce the consumption of disposable plastic bags within 5 years by 80%.

Protei, the Sail Bot that Cleans Up Oil

Protei is a sailing robot that's designed to clean up oil spills without human assistance. After sailing upwind, the bot drifts downwind, zigg-zagging across the surface to absorb …

In the Future, We Will Mine for Plastic

Peak oil, the point when petroleum extraction is at its maximum, may have already occurred sometime  in the last few years . Not only affecting whether we drive a Humvee or not, …

Plastic Junk Helps Ocean Animals (Sometimes)

While the Pacific garbage patch is often characterized as a dense, Texas-sized island of plastic, in reality it's an area of 2,736 square km scattered with  tiny, floating bits of …

Building a Boat with Marine Plastic Trash

A man from Kenya collected tourists’ disused slippers and seaborne plastic bottles to build a boat.

Marine Plastic Creatures

Photographer Kim Preston transforms everyday household plastic objects into sea creatures.

Zero-Waste Grocery Store

The first Zero-Waste Grocery Store "Original Unverpackt" will open this summer in Germany.

Plastivore – A Bird that Feeds on Plastic

The speculative 'Plastivore' bird thrives on a diet of fungi and plastics.

'Fiji Water' Is Purer than Tap Water, No?

Researchers tested 'Fiji Water' against ordinary tap water. What they found is kind of shocking.

Getting Wasted on Plastics

A new community currency that rewards recyclers with local discounts and deals.

Want Plastic with Your Salt?

A recent study examining the purity of 17 commercial sea salt brands from eight different countries found microplastics in all 17 samples.

Plastic Beach

While this image seems like another polluted beach after spring break, it was taken on a remote uninhabited world heritage site in the Polynesia.

Edible packaging: Seaweed could replace plastic in disposable packaging

What to do about the plastic planet ? The seas are steadily filling up with plastic , and it's vital to find ways to address the problem . One way to do this is to move away from …

The Great Pacific garbage "patch" is now three times the size of France

Mon dieu! The swirling pile of trash in the Pacific Ocean is growing at an exponential rate. A recent study has estimated that the mass of the garbage island is four to sixteen …

Next Generation: Elissa Brunato's bio iridescent sequin shimmers with nature

This story is part of  Next Generation , a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Would you like to see your work here?  Get in touch …