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Recreation in NextNature

(Not a tourist-pic from North Korea) In January this year, at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands said: "(...) My wife and I …

Environmental Recreation in the Overdrive

Seen the grand canyon? Lived through the survival weekend in the woods? Enjoyed the ecology safari Antarctica cruise? Think you've seen it all? Buckle up for an unprecedented …

3D Print Your Own Nefertiti Bust

At the beginning of 2016, two artists made a 3D scan of the Nefertiti bust in the Neues Museum in Berlin and uploaded it to the Internet.

Highlanders in the Lowlands: Re-enactment of an Extinct Cow

At the end of every cold winter there is a debate in the Netherlands on whether the forestry service should feed the oxes, horses and deers grazing the Dutch nature resorts. The …

Lets Grow an Avatar Forest

After making the successful and popular movie Avatar (2009), James Cameron started the Avatar Home Tree Initiative . This initiative consists of building "Avatar" forests on 17 …

Should we clone Neanderthals?

If Neanderthals ever walk the earth again, the primordial ooze from which they will rise is an emulsion of oil, water, and DNA capture beads engineered in the laboratory of 454 …

Thijs Zonneveld – Let's build a Mountain

“God created the world, except for the Netherlands. That the Dutch created themselves” , Voltaire remarked in the eighteenth century already to describe the overly cultivated …

Turning Glass Bottles into Sand

A machine lets drinkers instantly turn their empty beer bottles into sand.

Real Nature is not Green

At the edge of the woods along the motorway near the Dutch town of Bloemendaal, there stands a mobile telephone mast disguised as a pine tree. This mast is not nature: at best, it …

Information Decoration: Our Environment as an Information Carrier

Picture this: it's 40,000 years ago, and you are an early Homo sapiens. You are standing on the savanna. Look around you. What do you see? No billboards, no traffic signs, no …

Floating Underwater Self-Sufficient City

Asian architects of AT Design Office want to build an incredible floating underwater metropolis that is also self-sufficient.

Celebrating Dutch Water Protection:
Last Weeks to See 'Gates of Light'

If you are in The Netherlands you can explore the latest art project by Studio Roosegaarde and discover the iconic, yet historical value of the Closing Dike.

Face the future of intimacy with Kiiroo

Meet the teledildonics, an ingenious species of bi-directionally controlled sextoys from the future, available today. These touch emulating vibrators find each other on social sex …

Fake for Real: Romantic Sunsets

Sunsets are loved by people all around the globe. Could this universal aesthetic preference be linked to a deeply rooted understanding of the sunset's importance? Life on earth …

Summit of the Mount Everest on Tour

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth, as measured by the height of its summit above sea level. In May 2005, artist Xu Zhen led an ascent on Everest, and succeeded in …

Next Nature Interview

For the Venezuelan Magazine Platanoverde , Gabriela Valdivieso y Lope Gutiarrez-Ruiz interviewed artist/scientist Koert van Mensvoort and discussed some of the idea's behind Next …

Tulip Island - Design a Polder

A proposal to gain 600.000 m 2 of land near the Dutch coast recently came from the CDA (Dutch Christian-Democratic political party). The idea is to create a tulip-shaped island …

Day at the Pool

Don't you just love urban recreation? Only in China. Peculiar image of the week. Via . See also: Super Cities , Tropical Dome .

Fake for Real: Ceci n'est pas une Montagne

Ask a child to draw a mountain and you will get something like the Matterhorn. The shape of this famous mountain, situated on the Swiss-Italian border in the Alps, is one of the …

Modernistic Tree

Mondrian would have appreciated square trees. Furthermore, they would enable wood industry to lose less material, to cut easier with machines and to store more efficiently. Hence …

Space Station

If you would have shown this picture to people 50 years ago, they might have imagined it to be one of those promised 21th century space stations encircling some alien planet in …

Treetrunk Trashcan

The Nanputo Temple in Xiamen (Southeast China) is an oasis of quietness, religious practice and leisure for Chinese amidst the hustle and bustle of one of the fastest growing …

Brain Needs 'Nature'

Scientists have begun to examine how the city affects the brain, and the results are chastening. Just being in an urban environment, they have found, impairs our basic mental …

Field of Waves

Parks are not nature. Parks are culture: man-made simulations of nature, carefully constructed to provide walkers, runners and mountain bikers with a recreational, yet confined – …

Pimp My Planet

"We live in a time where everything or everyone can be upgraded or ‘pimped'. After the worldwide acceptance of plastic surgery, it was time to subject our worldly possessions …

Stockholm Underground

Subway stations are usually designed in a clean and modernistic style in order to make people forget they are traveling deep underground. How different in the Stockholm subway, in …

Tree Construction

“Museum staff preparing Olympic Forest Scene exhibit”. Photo by Lee Boltin. American Museum of Natural History Library . Peculiar image of the week. See also: A day in the Dutch …

Wallpaper Escape

Found sportswear a d, will be reality some day... (with magical goggles of some sort) Related: Recreation in NextNature | Big Ass Search Engine | If Giraffes lived in the US | …

A More Natural Typing Experience

Introducing the brand new, hand made, eco friendly, sweat absorbing, natural, healthy and most of all fashionable bamboo keyboard. It seems bamboo isn’t just for pandas anymore. …

Dog Modding in China

As a child, I already saw some great tiger potential in my cat and some shark-ish attitude in the behaviour of my goldfish. Personally, I think that since we started domesticating …

Don’t feed the Tourists

We could have decided to domesticate pigs into pets, instead of dogs and cats. Then this would be a totally normal picture. And it wouldn’t be featured here as peculiar image. © …

Downriver in the Lowlands

The Netherlands is known for its outright flat landscape – its even part of the name. How come the Dutch Womans Youth Rafting Team just won the World Cup in the category …

Dubai Globe: Sea versus Economy

When developers launched the globe project just off Dubai's coast in 2003, they hoped that the rich and famous would land there to populate the 300 islands. Within five years …

Go forth, Buy a Smartphone and Reproduce Thyself

It took some years of evolution to turn sex (between different sexes) from a stricly functional activity attuned to reproduction, into the recreational activity it is primarily …

Mercedes-Benz Was Here

In the older days, people had to cross natural barriers like mountains for survival purposes. Grains from one side of the mountain was traded with cloth from the other side, for …

Nature is an Agreement

Nature is an agreement. Just like the nude beach. Here you keep your breasts and your crotch covered, There you drop everything and act like it is the most ordinary thing in the …

Nature Preservation: The Literal Version

* warning: high doses of irony detected in this article * Method #01: Canning Promotional gift 'Nature in a can' complete with soil and bean plant seeds (from DKNY , 2010). Method …

Next Nature Movie #7 – Grizzly Man

The sad story of Timothy Treadwell is the ultimate example of the drama a naive notion of nature can bring about. Grizzly Man (2005) opens with the facts surrounding Timothy …

Old Nature, the Museum

Our peculiar image of the week was created by Ilkka Halso .

Sea Breacher

A relatively new kind of marine species is called "Seabreacher" . These watercraft vessels started appearing from 1997 and have been evolving at a rapid pace. Seabreachers enable …

Spot of the Month: Arbor Artificialis Naturalis

Our first spot of the month was made by Tijn Kooijmans, who pinpointed the first Dutch Arbor Artificialis Naturalis planted in 1999 by telecom provider Libertel. You too can share …

The Virtual Lives of Extinct Animals

What happens when next nature dreams of old nature? Such is the case with extinct animals that have ever come in contact with humans, particularly the dinosaurs, our own …

Traffic Jam Celebration

On this day (Saturday May 29th 2010), the Dutch nation takes pride in celebrating their first real traffic jam. During the pentecost weekend in 1955, a mass exodus of a tribe of …

Under the Beach Lies the Pavement

During the riots of 1968 , as students in Paris ripped up paving stones and threw them at the police, one of the rallying cries was “sous le pave: la plage” (under the pavement: …

Animals Made from Other Animals

That's no reindeer, and it's certainly no moose. It's an Irish Elk, Megaloceros giganteous , a deer that happens to be neither an elk, nor really all that Irish. What it does …

Mushrooms in the Mokum

Mediamatic  is hosting a pop-up urban mushroom farm in the middle of Amsterdam. Rows and rows of shiitake, oyster, and the elusive almond-flavored  Agaricus subrufescens are …

The Story of our Food

Every time we eat a piece of food, we take a bite out of the world. All these small bites tell a dozen stories. A carton of eggs presents the story of contented hens, a bottle of …

A Clockwork Forest

Has nature become a fairytale or do we want it to be one? In their installation The Clockwork Forest , artist collective Greyworld seems to opt for the latter. The work of art …

Bonobos (And Maybe Baboons) Domesticated Themselves

While evidence indicates that humans  domesticated themselves , we're not the only primates capable of self-domestication. Bonobos and baboons have shown they are just as capable …

Broersen & Lukács – Mastering Bambi

Media artists Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács created a remake of the Disney classic Bambi from which they stripped all the inhabitants. The removal of the cuddly, …

Neither Warfare nor Dumplings Are Innate to Human Nature

In Ngogo, Gombe and elsewhere in Africa, bands of male chimpanzees regularly make organized raids on neighboring troops and batter their enemies to death. These grim, warring …

Tracy Metz – Nature is an Agreement

Writer and NRC journalist Tracy Metz dissects our Image of Nature , how it is constructed, by whom and for what reason. Her conclusion: "Nature is an Agreement. Just like the nude …

Christien Meindertsma – Visualizing the Pig Farm

Christien Meindertsma was surprised by the unrealistic nostalgic visualizations of farms on children's coloring plates. She decided to create a more realistic coloring plate of the pig farm.

Welcome to the Woods

Enter through the gate and suspend your disbelief to indulge in the nature theater. Peculiar image of the week by Nick Zonneveld .

A Fake Cruise for a Real Vacation

All the "fun" of a cruise vacation, with none of the seasickness.

Customizing the Brain with Psychoactives

It’s long been a desire of the human species to have complete control over our own thoughts. We’ve all had these moments where we curse our brain. Asking questions like: “Why …

Get Your One Way Ticket to Mars

What to do when earth is not enough? Thousands of people, tired of their life on Earth, are ready to emigrate to Mars. Since subscriptions opened on April 22, 80,000 people have …

Innovative Nostalgia

We humans simply feel more comfortable with technological change when it comes in a familiar form that refers to an existing and accepted object, habit, value, tradition or intuition.

Invasive Crab Restores Damaged Habitat

A strange set of coincidences turn an invasive species into a hero

Space Farming for Astronauts

Space Farming: NASA plans to grow a vegetable garden 230 miles above the Earth.

Squared Romanticism

A tree with squared-off branches invites speculation

Domestication as a Last Refuge

In glass capsules endangered rainforest flora will be able to survive regardless of what happens to their natural habitat.

Hemihelix: A New Geometric Shape

Rubber band distortions lead to discovery of a new shape called hemihelix.

It's Always Sunny with LED Panels

An artificial illumination that is "authentic" enough to replace natural light.

Rainbow Station

Studio Roosegaarde created a giant rainbow of light for the Amsterdam Central Station east side.

The Moon will Become a WiFi Zone

Researchers proved it is possible to provide the Moon with the wireless connectivity we have on Earth.

Drone Operated by Honeybee Brain

The Green Brain Project aims to create drones that will think, act and sense like a bee.

Geothermal Beach

A man made beach in Reykjavik to go at the seaside all year round.

Holiday in a Bird's Nest

The exterior of the this hotel room is constructed with branches, sticks and twigs intertwined to create the look and feel of a real bird nest.

Space Archeologist Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Civilizations

Sarah Parcak is a pioneering "satellite archaeologist" from University of Alabama, a sort of Indiana Jones with 21st century tech. She has been awarded the 2016 TED Prize for her …

Seeing the Sun Through Data

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space museum has taken the sun observation to the next level with a giant public display of images and data that show the sun in hyper-real detail.

Stratospheric Sky Garden with Proto Life

A sky garden of cacti and artificial life forms floating a hundred thousand feet above the Earth's surface.

The Weather Machine

The Weather Machine: an installation that explores rain, clouds and sun heat to recreate the weather occurring outside.

Welcome to the Hearth of the Sun

Solarium, a video installation by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), puts visitors in the hearth of the sun.

Bobbing Trees in Rotterdam

When you think about a tree, you image it growing on land. Though the team of Mothership wanted to challenge this image by creating the Bobbing Forest in Rotterdam.

Copy-Paste City: from Austria to China

Hallstatt, a small UNESCO World Heritage city in central Austria, is the only village in the world entirely copied and rebuilt in China.

Human Cloning Now Possible in China

Is human cloning here? Chinese scientist is ready to clone people at his ‘replication factory’.

Interview: Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leret, Designers Exploring Alternative Ways of Thinking & Doing

Interview with Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leret.

Using Nanobots to Treat Depression

A team of scientists has developed a way to deliver drugs into our body using nanobots as vehicles and our toughts as controllers.

Re-introducing Extinct Species

Extinct European bisons are being reintroduced in parks. But what makes a national park?

Vacation in the Era of Marine Pollution

While we can’t just leave the coast permanently without upsetting the delicate balance of this new environment we created, we can take better care of it to ensure that it is around for years to come.

2015: Artificial Placenta Approaches

In 2015, a group of scientists from the University of Michigan claimed to have made the world's first artificial placenta.

AI & VR Impact on Architects and Engineers

Future workspace, human interaction and unique experiences: here’s how artificial intelligence and VR impact on architects and engineers.

Animal Guided Mediation

Animal Meditation uses meditation guiding sounds to to enable user to feel as if he is an animal.

Color Lessons from the Cotinga Bird

Brighter inks, without pigment: nanostructured capsules could bring about paints and electronic displays that never fade.

Fellow Day 2017: Next Habitat

Last week, our NNN fellows gathered to discuss the Next Habitat; how will we work in the future? And how does this affect our personal lives?

Female Menstrual Cycle on a Computer Chip

The complicated system of a female menstruation cycle was reproduced on a computer chip for the first time.

Selfie Time with Your Dead Beloved One

Forever by your side. Elrois a South Korean firm developed an app that allows you to engage with your dead friends lovers or idols.

Your Next Nature guide to Unseen 2018: When Records Melt

Images largely shape our experience of reality. Just consider how imagery of nature continues to rise in popularity: only a society no longer grounded in their natural landscape …

299 trees grow in a football stadium

Some centuries ago landscape painters taught us to appreciate the quality of an untouched landscape. Ever since we have been doing everything to recreate it. We camouflage cell …