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Visual of Deliver us from Skeuomorph Prosthetics

Deliver us from Skeuomorph Prosthetics

No, this is not another example in our fake for real series , comparing an artificial with a human hand. Rather, you are looking at twice the same hand: with and without its …

Visual of Analogue vs Digital: Skeuomorphism

Analogue vs Digital: Skeuomorphism

Floppy disks have not gone extinct yet. You might not realize, but you are clicking on them every day.

Visual of Placebo Buttons

Placebo Buttons

Buttons are everywhere: throughout your day you press them on phones, alarm clocks, keyboards, elevators, dishwashers and of course on the computer screen. Although buttons did …

Visual of NoteBookBook


This skeuomorph "BookBook" should be an appropriate present for grandparents as well as neo-nostalgic youngsters. Sold at TwelveSouth for $80. Would be an easy remake, though, if …

Visual of Just Browsing

Just Browsing

Dutch designer Boris Rijksen experiences a culture shock when he enters the real world after a day of screen work. Before, the ‘digital immigrant’ struggled to understand digital …

Visual of Prosthetic Limbs Straight from Versailles

Prosthetic Limbs Straight from Versailles

The Alternative Limb Project makes beautifully fake artificial limbs.

Visual of Technology Reflexology

Technology Reflexology

People have complex relationships with their own (and other’s) bodies. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is believed that your feet are a map of your body and can provide …

Visual of Fake for Real: Digital Trashcan

Fake for Real: Digital Trashcan

At the beginning of the digital era, several metaphors from the physical world were transferred to the digital environment in order to make, otherwise incomprehensible, technology …

Visual of Fake for Real: Is that coffee you're drinking?

Fake for Real: Is that coffee you're drinking?

Creating the perfect cup of espresso used to be an art form in itself. The beans had to be ground to exactly the right coarseness and the water pressure precisely controlled to …

Visual of Fake for Real: QWERTY, the Right Order

Fake for Real: QWERTY, the Right Order

Did you ever wonder why the letters on the keyboard are in the order they are? The reason for QWERTY goes way back. This order was chosen to reduce the probability that mechanical …

Visual of Philips Wake Up Light - Sunrise Alarm Clock

Philips Wake Up Light - Sunrise Alarm Clock

Philips hits the shops with a product that aims to naturalize alarm clocks. The annoying buzzing machines were once invented to cultivate our day/night rhythms, formerly connected …

Visual of Back to Nature?

Back to Nature?

Now this is how you do it. First you take the meat of a hundred animals; chickens (19%), turkeys (17%). Secondly, you blend them in a large tank with water, mais, wheat, oil, fat, …

Visual of Get wasted in Second Life

Get wasted in Second Life

Second Hype's fashion industry is large and catty enough to have supermodel divas and social scandals, so it's probably inevitable that these should be available, too: animation …

Visual of Inside-out suit

Inside-out suit

Adam and Eve are hitting the office-garden of Eden.

Visual of Metaphors be with you

Metaphors be with you

These iconesque web images of shopping carts and bag icons where gathered by Ro London . I guess soon we will see 'Buy Now' buttons appearing in real life shops? Via …

Visual of Modernistic Chair

Modernistic Chair

In the category: Creativity with modernistic tree trunks . Created by the good people of Draw me a sheep , who with this project aim to explore today’s human relationship with …

Visual of Religion now made easier

Religion now made easier

Poster created by Selby Gildemacher/Piek!

Visual of Simulating Old Nature on Next Nature

Simulating Old Nature on Next Nature

iDail replaces the iPhone keypad with a good old rotary keyboard. For all you nostalgics (and grandparents) out there. See also: Who wants a Stylus? , 8-bit icon watch , Treetrunk …

Visual of Antenna Tree Mast Safari

Antenna Tree Mast Safari

This picture was taken in Zambia by Sarah Los (NL) while on wildlife safari . Every fairly trained "NextNature spotter" should be able to distinguish the cellphone-tree masts from …

Visual of Energy Saving Chandelier

Energy Saving Chandelier

I deem you have to be over sixty to have an object with so many historical layers of media in your house. Let's analyze. We are looking at a chandelier in which the candle …

Visual of Norwegian forest cat on batteries

Norwegian forest cat on batteries

Robots are penetrating our homes... disguised as cats? On July 30, Sega Toys releases an el-cheapo simulation cat toy for robot cat lovers with allergies or pet-unfriendly …

Visual of Robot hand meets Sushi

Robot hand meets Sushi

We are anxiously waiting for the robot that makes the sushi, but at Squse , they have created the hand that can carefully place the delicacies in a box without crushing them. …

Visual of Virtual Money Is a Pleonasm

Virtual Money Is a Pleonasm

Have you heard the buzz on virtual money in online games? Some years ago the first virtual millionaire was announced, yet there have also been reports on people being practically …

Visual of Design Looking Backwards

Design Looking Backwards

Should digital technology imitate that which exists, or could it also surpass it?