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Supermarket – Our Next Savanna

We are living in the future and we find it boring. The best place to gather evidence for this claim is the supermarket. To begin with, try and have a fresh look at the word:  …

Supermarkets Are Our New Savannah, Especially During Natural Disasters

Before a natural disaster hordes of people crowd in supermarkets and fight over the last supplies. It mirrors the savannah with cliques and groups trying to get the available food, water or shelter.

NANO Supermarket 2014 Call for Products

Submit your speculative product to the NANO Supermarket and win 2500 euro.

Nano Supermarket – Opening Pictures

Last Saturday, our Nano Supermarket opened its doors in a pleasurably crowded atmosphere. Below are some snapshots of the opening event. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, …

NANO Supermarket Best Product 2014

A jury of design and science experts awarded the best NANO Supermarket product a € 2.500 prize.

NANO Supermarket New Line of Products

During the 2014 Dutch Design Week, the NANO Supermarket debuts a new line of speculative nano products.

NANO Supermarket 100 m2 Pop-Up Store

Our lustrous NANO Supermarket opened a 100m2 pop-up store in Stavanger, Norway.

Meanwhile in the Supermarket

Indeed, the supermarket is our next savanna . Peculiar image of the week. Thanks Jeroen.

Nano Supermarket – Call for Products

Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology of our time – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its …

Nano Supermarket – Jury Report

Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology of our time – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its …

NANO Supermarket TV Commercial 2014

Sneak peek into your nano future with the brand new NANO Supermarket TV Commercial.

The Surplus Food Supermarket

This supermarket sells expired food to raise awareness over poverty, hunger and the environment.

NANO Supermarket Jury Report 2012

After the successful introduction of the NANO Supermarket in 2010 it became even more clear that the contest and the presented results produced discussions and many challenges to …

The Interactive Supermarket

Coop Italia has opened a flagship store in Milan to present their vision of what grocery shopping might hold for us in 2050.

Nano Supermarket 2nd Edition: Call for Products

We call upon designers, technologists and artists to submit their speculative nanotech products for the next round of the NANO supermarket.

NANO Supermarket Opens in Latvia

The tour of our lustrous NANO Supermarket is coming to Riga, Latvia.

The Supermarket with No Employees

This automated store in Sweden doesn’t have any human employees, only a smartphone app.

Welcome spring with this selection of NANO Supermarket products

Well, we finally made it. After a long, cold, dark winter, spring has officially started today. And guess what it's bringing with it? Nope, not spring flowers: Love flowers! …

Nano Supermarket in Amsterdam

From Friday 28 January - Wednesday 2 Februari the Nano Supermarket will be opened at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. Additionally, on the 27th of January we will be opened at the …

Nano Supermarket visits Pamplona, Spain

From 9 - 14 March 2011 the Nano Supermarket opens its doors in Pampona, Spain. The NANO Supermarket presents speculative nanotech products that may hit the shelves within the next …

NANO Supermarket Opens in Norway

Our lustrous NANO Supermarket just opened a 100m2 pop-up store in Norway.

NANO Supermarket TV Commercial

Sneak peek into your nano future with the brand new NANO Supermarket TV Commercial.

NANO Supermarket nominated for Dutch Design Award

Our traveling NANO Supermarket is nominated for a Dutch Design Award. Winners will be announced late October.

Nano Supermarket Opens its Doors

Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology of our time – it radically intervenes with our sense of what is natural – yet most people are still relatively unaware of its …

NANO Supermarket in Rotterdam

This week our lustrous NANO Supermarket visits Rotterdam as part of Dutch Electronic Art Festival . Come learn, discuss, and taste some medicinal chocolate. Have better ideas for …

NANO Supermarket Unveils New Products

From sleek fashion to life-saving medicines. During the forthcoming Dutch Design Week , our lustrous NANO Supermarket debuts a new line of speculative nano products that might hit …

NANO Supermarket - Introducing the Jury

Little over two weeks left to submit your speculative product idea for the Nano Supermarket . The jury that will select the finest submissions – to be exhibited in the Nano …

NANO Supermarket in Brussels

Come and check out the NANO Supermarket at SAS Software's Forum BeLux 2016 on October 13 in The Egg Brussels!

Dutch start Hunting again thanks to Supermarket Soccer Mascotte

In Holland people go crazy for soccer, especially now that the national team has reached the World Cup final. We gather everything that's orange – our shirt color – as the …

Nano Supermarket @ TEDx

Last week our NANO Supermarket was presented at TEDxBrainport in Eindhoven. A good opportunity to show some of our speculative nano products and explain a bit of the why & how …

NANO Supermarket – Introducing the Jury

Ten days left to submit your speculative product idea for the Nano Supermarket . The jury that will select the finest submissions – to be exhibited in the Nano Supermarket this …

Nano Supermarket on Dutch TV News

The Dutch evening News payed a visit to our Nano Supermarket to familiarize the television viewers with the intricate world of nanotechnology and its potential impact our economy …

Algae in the Supermarket

As mentioned  earlier , the world seems obsessed with algae. Not limited to producing light or energy , algae has also found its way to our plate as a new vegetable, and maybe …

NANO Supermarket at Lowlands Festival

This weekend some of our sustainable, energy related, NANO Supermarket products are exhibited at the lustrous Lowlands popfestival . Come visit us at the Llowlab to charge your …

NANO Supermarket in RTL Koffietijd

Design fiction for the masses. Our NANO Supermarket was presented in the Dutch television show RTL Koffietijd (coffeetime). If you belong to the exquisite 5% visitors of this …

Nano Supermarket seeks Assistants

Always wanted to work in a Supermarket? Here is you chance. The Nano Supermarket seeks assistants. The Nano Supermarket assistant is part of a team, knows the products and knows …

Biodiversity in the Supermarket

Some say global biodiversity is decreasing. I am not entirely sure.

Computer Generated Deep Dream

Turning a normal stroll through the supermarket into a psychedelic dream (or nightmare) of algorithmic pareidolia.

Pre-Peeled and Plastic-Wrapped Bananas

For when nature's perfect packaging is just too darn hard to get off: Pre-peeled bananas in styrofoam and cling-wrap, from the kings of convenience at Austrian supermarket Billa. …

Next Nature is...

—placing the sugar in the supermarkt at a fixed location and knowing where this is.

Next Nature XL showcase in China: in pictures

We are proud to invite you to our largest showcase (so far), currently on display at OCT Art & Design in Shenzhen, China. Spanning across three floors, with a total surface of …

'Alp' Turns Containers into Refrigerators

Transporting and displaying cold food is an incredibly wasteful and inefficient process. Current display refrigerators, like those that display meats or cheeses in supermarkets, …

Spray On Liquid Glass

Now here is a product that should soon find its way into the NANO Supermarket soon. At least, if supermarkets are willing to put it on their shelves, as they currently make huge …

Tattooing Fruits and Veggies with Lasers

Eco-friendly lasers might soon replace stick-on labels on fruits and veggies.

Nano Product: Pharmaceutical Sushi

Are we creating the penicillin or the asbestos of the 21st century? Prior to the arrival of the Nano Supermarket , we share some speculative nanotech products with you. Here’s the …

A Winery in your Microwave

A delicious Montepulciano in only 6 seconds? This is now possible with the universal Nano wine. All you need is a microwave oven. In 5,64 seconds at 1000 watt you have a sublime …


This morning I woke up early and started the day with a cup of coffee and some slices of wholewheat bread and dutch cheese. I realised that bread is one of these few products that …

Nano-Silver Foam Condom For Women

As we are calling for debate-provoking nanotech products that might hit the shelves of the Supermarket in the next ten years , some products much crazier than the ones we could …

Selective Shopping

In a cheerful attempt to investigate and subvert the image consumption power structures of the contemporary supermarket , designer Marco Ugolini and photographer Pedro Motta went …

Shopping in 2015?

A panacea Yoghurt? Cures athlete’s foot, acne and dandruff! Triple irradiated Spinach? Three-week shelf life! Funa sushu? Asian carp fresh from Lake Superior! Minority Report …

Urban Camouflage

Laurent La Gamba makes photographic installations dealing with camouflage. His work juggles with the idea of natural procrypsis in the urban space and deals with the relations …

Milk comes from Bottles

Milk is good for you and we all should drink lots of it. Common knowledge so far, but do you actually know where milk comes from? Supermarket? Factories? Luckily this milk …

Nano Product: The Food Printer

Are we creating the penicillin or the asbestos of the 21st century? In the months preceding our Nano Supermarket Project , we share some speculative nanotech products with you. …

Why Meat Grown in Labs is the Next Logical Step for Food Production

Lab grown meat is part of the trajectory that agricultural technology is already following.

Nano Product: The Healing Game

The Healing Game: a playful medicine.

Prodigious Yogurt Can Reveal Cancer

An extraordinary yogurt that could soon implement accurate, young disease diagnosis.

Making Tomatoes Tasty Again

Scientists have found a way to bring back the lost flavor of tomatoes.

A vegan meat revolution is coming to global fast food chains

A few years ago, convincing meat-free “meat” was nothing more than a distant dream for most consumers. Meat substitutes in supermarkets lacked variety and quality. Plant-based …

Feeding the world: oh not organic

Daring talk by agriculture expert Louise Fresco , who has the guts to break the organic trance of the fashionably-natural-farmers-market people at TED . During her talk she is …

The Banana Gets a Second Skin

We already know that bananas are  evidence of intelligent design – by  farmers, not by god.  All commercial crops have been tweaked by the hand of agriculture, but modern bananas …

The Story of our Food

Every time we eat a piece of food, we take a bite out of the world. All these small bites tell a dozen stories. A carton of eggs presents the story of contented hens, a bottle of …

Natura Prossimo a Milano

This week our NANO Supermarket will be visiting Milan as part of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

Where Have All the Cucumbers Gone?

This stunning graphic, courtesy of Nature & More , shows the astonishing drop in food crop diversity from 1903 to 1983. Lettuces available from commercial seed houses now …

Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon

A new seaweed that tastes like bacon and is better for you than kale.

Make Toblerone Great Again!

American chocolate manufacturer Mondelez reduces the weight of its widely popular Toblerone bars as a result of the Brexit vote.

Jobs for Entrepreneurs - Robots at Work #4

This is post number four of our serie 'Robots at Work'. In this episode we present you five jobs for entrepreneurs, the ones who love doing big business.

Banana by Design

If you compare the supermarket banana with the original wild banana the differences in size, look and taste are striking.

Nano Product: Bake 'n Spray

Bake 'n Spray: the oven in a can.

Nano Product: Catad'Or

Catad'Or: the allergy sensitive cutlery.

Nano Product: Google Nose

Wear the Google Nose and amplify your sense of smell!

Nano Product: Host

Host: merging science and religion

Nano Product: IDiO

IDiO: the self-diagnosis lens.

Nano Product: PastaMarine

PastaMarine: cultivate your pasta.

Nano Product: The Love Rose

The Love Rose: spice up your love life!

Talkable Vegetables

Breaking the silence, vegetables in a Japanese supermarket start to talk to the customers.

Banksy Pet Store

Famous street artist Banksy left his grafitti spraycans at home and sets to opening a pet store. The difference with this pet store is that instead of looking at pets, you look at …

Interactive Nanotech Food

Nanotechnology isn't just protecting your food - it's in your food. Scientists are manufacturing nano-sized vitamins that are easier for our bodies to absorb. In the future they …

Back to Where it Came From

Fish sticks are among the most wondrous modernistic inventions of the previous century. They are easy to eat, efficient in their packaging & transport and the greatest of all: …

Counterfeit Crab

Engraved Hairy Crab: fake or real? ??? (Dazha crab), or more widely known as Shanghai Hairy Crab, is in season right now. This typical Shanghai delicacy is particularly sought …

Orthorexia Nervosa: the "healthy" eating disorder

Following anorexia nervosa (under eating) and bulimia nervosa (overeating and compensating), orthorexia nervosa (obsessively healthy eating) is the latest eating disorder in the …

You Are What You Eat, part II

Mark Menjivar created a series of portraits of people across the United States, by taking pictures of their refrigerators content. Quote: "For three years I traveled around the …

Coke Mutation

We're unsure on the survival prospects of this oddly mutated Coca-Pepsi-Cola can. This could be the ultimate coke - if only the current species could interbreed. Peculiar image of …


So you thought augmented reality is something new? Guess you are so attuned to the already existing augmentation of reality that you don't even notice it anymore. The short film …

The Stray Shopping Cart Project

"Until now, the major obstacle that has prevented people from thinking critically about stray shopping carts has been that we have not had any formalized language to differentiate …

Transparency Suit

Image consumption has never been as cool as in this brand new clip by Studio Smack , which was created for the upcoming Graphic Design Festival . The ‘Transparency Suit' …

Allergen Beagle – A Home Foodscanner

No shellfish, no peanuts, no soy, no milk, no eggs. An increasing number of people suffer from various food allergies, which force them to constantly scan food packages for …

Apes Like Cooked Food, and What that Means for Human Evolution

Humans are the only species on earth that cooks its food. Not only do we cook our food, but we usually find the flavor of cooked foods preferable to the raw version. Compare the …

Corn 2.0: Survival of the Cheapest

Congrats to Sean Serafini, the winner of our April Next Nature Spotter contest. While we received many images of fake nature , Sean's entry delves deeper into more diverse next …

Edible Implants

Why turn to implants when the female body can do it by itself? Dutch designer Femke Mosch came up with the idea of making edible implants that stimulate breast growth from within.

Fresh Meat in the Overdrive

Some reactions from people shopping when they see how fresh their meat is.

Growing Fruit into Its Own "Juice Box"

Brazilian ad agency  AGE Isobar  spent two years experimenting in order to grow fruits into the shape of Camp's juice boxes. Immature limes, guavas and passionfruit were packed …

Happy Meat

The Happy Meat project combines the basic principles of the meat-industry and the toy-industry in an uncanny hybrid.

Liver Pie Made for (Not from) Children

Everyday Anthropomophobia : This summer in Norway I discovered it is normal to put images of happy children on your liver pie product. I asked a Norwegian friend about this …

Mainstream Perceptions on In Vitro Meat

Nothing wrong with a bit of juicy television on 'In Vitro' meat. We propose to lock this video in a time capsule so that our kids can watch it and be horrified in 30 years or so.

Nano in Milano

Hello designers and design-lovers! The NANO Supermarket has arrived at the Salone in Milan, Italy. From today (april 18th) until sunday (april 22nd), we will present our …

Organic Drink Dispenser

I didn't need to insert a coin before collecting my refreshment!

Playing with Your Food (Industry)

Back in the old days, we played with a  Playmobil ®   farm. With a farmhouse, two pigs and a chicken, and it was a fair reflection of how the food industry worked. Nowadays small …

Why does a Salad Cost More Than a Big Mac?

Remarkable infographic by . Via NY Times , via .

3D Printed Food, Meet Willy Wonka

Exploring the possibilities of a new 3D food printer.

"Ento" Brand Normalizes Eating Insects

While Next Nature is hard at work normalizing the idea of eating lab-grown meat , a group of British design students are working to bring insect-eating into the mainstream. Though …

Food Familiarization #2: Celebrity Endorsement

How "celebrity endorsements" transformed the potato from the devil's tuber into a global staple.

Food Familiarization #3: Mimicry

Beware the vegetarian sausage in the grass...

Hipster Hunter-Gatherers Ravage Portland

The newest urban pest? Locavore sous-chefs desperate for wild edibles.

Paint by Numbers, then Eat It

An innovative workshop points out future directions for in-vitro meat products.

Purple GM Tomatoes Prevent Cancer

A new strain of purple GM tomatoes last longer on shelves and help out cancer-prone mice.

The 10th Anniversary of the World's First Lab-Grown Steak

Many people don't know that growing and cooking in vitro meat is a decade old.

Interview: Chloé Rutzerveld, Designer Who Wants to Grow Healthy 3D Printed Food

Food and Concept designer, Chloé Rutzerveld, explains her 3D food printing project Edible Growth.

Nano Product: CloudCrayons

CloudCrayons: cloud coloring rockets.

Nano Product: Coating Cola

Coating Cola: the drinks that createa a fat barrier.

Social Media Potatoes

Please note that this virtual snack makes you really fat.

Modernist Food

This modernist food makes the future of 3D printed food look pretty tasty!

Ikea's Lab-Grown 3D Printed Meatballs

Ikea’s research laboratory was inspired by our Magic Meatballs to re-design their famous meatballs.

The Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt

Researchers discovered a protein that can be used to produce the first ice cream that melts more slowly that the normal products on the market today.

Seowoo and her Pink Things

Nowadays the average teenager has more personal pink belongings than an emperor one thousand years ago

Bringing In Vitro Meat to the Market

Mark Post is planning to bring lab-grown meat on the market shelves within five years at a reasonable price.

Cockroach Milk: the Next Superfood?

A recent research reveals that the next extra nutritious ingredient may be the liquid produced by cockrach mothers to feed their offsprings. Are you willing to try it?

A Film to Double the Shelf-Life of Food

The eco-friendly food packaging material able to improve food safety, conservation and quality.

From Vegetable to Stroopwafel

Chloé Rutzerveld presents a modern version of the iconic stroopwafel, fully made of vegetables.

How We Domesticated Food

We tend to believe that the fruit and the vegetables we eat today are "natural" and the same as they always were. It turns out that in the past this familiar food didn't look like this at all.

Cutlery Set to Eat Bugs

Designer Wataru Kobayashi created a picnic cutlery set to promote eating insects.

More People Are Too Fat Than Too Thin

For the first time in history the world population counts more people who are too fat than too thin.

Turning Coke into Water

This art installation turning coke into water raise questions on what, at the end of the day, should be considered 'the real thing'.

3D Print Your Pizza in Six Minutes

Meet the commercial 3D pizza printer that takes your order via a smartphone app.

Animal Free Cow Milk

A San Francisco-based start up discovered a way to "brew" milk that has zero hormones, antibiotics, steroid or lactose inside, and a longer shelf-life.

Insect Ramen: the New Food Trend

Tokyo restaurant offers sustainable new dish - ramen noodles topped with crunchy insects and people love it

Old Cows and New Ideas

Will cows still graze fields in an in vitro future? And what might we do with these animals when they naturally die?

Tiny Food Made in a Tiny Kitchen

A small introduction to tiny cooking.

Transformative Appetite: Shape-Shifting Pasta

MIT Media Lab developed pasta programmed on a computer.

Comeback of the 'Ugly' Fruits

Perhaps in the long run, historians will consider this as the official end of modernity as we knew it: The comeback of the wonky cucumber, abnormally bent banana, and comedy …

Let the Bacteria do the Cleaning

Dusting furniture and floors should be history in forty years time, as special bacteria in a yet to develop cleaning product will be eating the dirt. The speculative cleaning …

Nano Super – One day left in Amsterdam

Today is your final chance to visit the Nano Supermarket in Amsterdam. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood..

Nano Product: Energy Belt

With Energy Belt, stop treating your excess fat like a liability, and instead embrace its untapped potential. Artificial protocells in the belt mimic natural  brown fat, taking …

Nano Product: Glo-Doo

Dog feces are an unsightly blemish on city streets. With Glo-Doo, dog food laced with bioluminescent bacteria transforms each pile into an appealing way to light up the night. As …

Nano Product: Honest Egg

Do away with dishonest health claims for eggs and uncertain promises of organic, free-range hens. With eggshells that change color according to hormones, medicines, and nutrients, …

Nano Product: Keratin Ink

Using genetically modified bacteria, Keratin Ink turns your fingernail clippings into a highly personal ink for writing and drawing. The bacteria transform the keratin in your …

Nano Product: Lungless

350 million years after crawling from the sea, the Lungless suit will bring us back. Inspired by fish gills, the Lungless Aquatic Respiration Suit uses millions of cascading …

Nano Product: Menoé

At the beginning of menopause, celebrate your reproductive past by giving “birth” to a unique peace of jewelry. By using Menoé’s nano-coated birth control pills over a lifetime, …

Nano Product: Nansense

For years, people have relied on harsh drugs and irritating alarms to control when they sleep and when they wake. Now, the Nansense wristwatch offers an all-natural way to …

Nano Product: Nico

Nico is cute, cuddly and serious about your child’s health. Many adults smoke around children with no thought for their developing lungs. Covered in nicotine-sensitive nano-cloth, …

NANO Product: The Necklace

Breast cancer is a disease that comes with feelings of helplessness and loneliness. This nanotechnological necklace allows you to regain some control regarding your disease, in …

Pack your bags and join us for the largest Next Nature showcase (yet) in China

To our Chinese friends (and beyond)! From 2 November 2019 to 1 February 2020, we'll be crossing the globe for a large showcase at the OCT Art and Design Gallery in Shenzhen, …

RFID Chips: Is your cat infected with a Computer Virus?

A group of computer researchers from Amsterdam have demonstrated that it is possible to insert a software virus into radio frequency identification tags, part of a microchip-based …

Biodiversity of Green Brands is Increasing

This collection of green, leafy, eco, enviro, bio, organic logo's was collected by Andrew Kinnear . See also: Five strategies of biomimicmarketing , Biodiversity in the …

Natural-Born Junkies

Hippopotamus: a 2,5cm-long tablet-shaped nonliving chewable animal, member of a multi-species flock known as the Animal Parade, which tastes like fruit and is found in little pill …

Virtual Offline Shopping

As the second most hardest working people on this planet, Koreans obviously dread their weekly shopping for groceries. It is therefore that Home Plus (Tesco in Europe) plastered …

Nano Product: Hydrating 'Skin'

Hydrating 'Skin': giving a second life to damaged skin.

Ferrari Tomato

Do you happen to know the Dutch Tomatoes? They look like Ferrari's and taste like shit. They are redder, rounder, larger, and maybe even healthier than the ones from our gardens. …

Sneak Preview Food

Lets face it: we spoiled western people are pretty much imprisoned by our self created safe environments and remotely disconnected from the wonders and chaotic surprises of old …

Stoneage noodles

15.000 Years ago we lived in caves, wore animal-fur and ate mammut- noodles !? Oh well, though our knowledge has grown a bit, the human nature hasn't changed that much: every …

Just right for the garden: Mini-Cow

Rising supermarket prices are persuading hundreds of families to turn their back gardens into mini-ranches stocked with miniature cattle. For between £200 and £2,000, people can …

Clean linen toilet spray

So what to think of this? A toilet spray that mimics the smell of clean linen. It is great in the beginning, yet in time your bed will smell like a toilet. Found in the futuristic …

Lucky Fruits

A Chinese farmer, Gao Xianzhang, has invented baby-shaped buddha pears and he is planning to export his idea. The produce became a success in his local province since people seem …

Clothes from a Can

Frequent readers of this website might be familiar with our claim that Next Nature emerges from a fusion between the Born and the Made. But now we can add another: the fusion of …

Nano Product: Spider Silk Condoms

Are we creating the penicillin or the asbestos of the 21st century? In the months preceding our Nano Supermarket Project , we share some speculative nanotech products with you. …

Morphotheque #15

Unsatisfied with the variety of vegetables in your local Supermarket? Why not try the Art Gallery? Morphotheque #15 (2011) is a form collection that consists of 27 elements, 1:1 …

Coca-Cola embraces Organic Coke?

Coca Cola company is considering to actually bring Organic Coke to the market?


More hypernatural designer-fruit. What do you get when you cross a strawberry and a pineapple? A pineberry, of course. Some seven years ago the pineberry was taken from its native …

Seven Future Visions on In-Vitro Meat

Before we can decide if we will ever be willing to eat in-vitro, we need to explore the food culture it will bring us.

Ingestible Microchips Monitor Medication

Digestible Microchips are now approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Why Isn't Cream Cream-Colored?

Our language preserves evidence of a type of food that's all but extinct.

All-Natural E-nemies

Chemistry teacher, James Kennedy, shows us that Mother Nature's products are far sneakier and complex than the lab's.

Zero-Waste Grocery Store

The first Zero-Waste Grocery Store "Original Unverpackt" will open this summer in Germany.

From the Super Muscular Pig to the Hypoallergenic Cow: New GMOs May Soon Be on Your Plate

The acronym that keeps Europe awake at night is TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), a trade and investment deal that the EU is negotiating with the US. From …

The Sketchbook Made Of Artificial Skin

The SkinBook is made of synthetic skin that allows beginner tattooists to practice their skills.

The Biggest Impact on the Planet Comes from Household Consumption

New study suggests that the real environmental problem is embodied in the things we buy.

FarmVille Turns into Real-Life Agriculture

A Japanese Start up brings Farmville back into real life by letting players grow physical food.

A Soft Drink Fairytale

Once upon a time there were two global soft drink brands. One old brand and another, slightly younger. The older one positioned itself as The Real Thing as it entered the market …

There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom

So you’re triggered by our call for products and now you’re considering to send in one, two or maybe three of your brilliant products for the Nano Supermarket? Good. Or – and this …

Nano Tattoo to Monitor Diabetes

Now here is something for the NANO Supermarket : Massachusetts-based Draper Laboratories have developed a special injectable ink with nano–particles. This ink eventually could …

Beyond Recognition @ Sameheads Gallery, Berlin

Coming saturday, your faithful Next Nature editor/designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink will perform Beyond Recognition – a corporate poem about the image of words , at Sameheads Gallery …

Truck in a Truck

Perhaps it is just us, but somehow the transport of the Nano Supermarket inside a trailer has a next nature quality to it. Peculiar image of the week. The Nano bus, which drives …

How People spend their Day

The layers in this visualization represent an average of how thousands of Americans spent their day

Latro Algae Lamp

As advances in nanotechnology bring us increasingly energy efficient products, plant life such as algae could become attractive sources for tapping energy. The Latro lamp by …

Nanotech Bracelet Detects Allergies

Designed by Luc de Smet, Awear is a speculative bracelet that can detect and record the sources of allergies for children in uncontrolled environments, such as schools and …

Twitter Implant becomes a Reality

You all probably know the ' Twitter implant ' from the Nano Supermarket . Scientist at the University of Princeton now created the first working prototype. The implant is actually …

We’re lecturing in Milan (if you ask us)

From april 17-20, a large deal of the Next Nature crew will be in Milan , Italy. We will bring our lustrous  Nano Supermarket to this year’s edition of the Salone Internationale …

Filling Vacant Lots with Augmented Reality Grocery Stores

A Chinese company wants to transform vacant lots into virtual shopping centers.

50 Years Ago Asimov Predicted WiFi, Smartphones and Today's World Features

Isaac Asimov predicts in 1964 what the world will look like today, in 2014.

But will lab-grown meat be kosher?

Read Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft's essay on judaism in relation to the production of laboratory-grown meat.

Turning Contact Lenses into Screens

A polymer film coating can turn contact lenses into computer screens.

What Is Next Nature? #2

Fruit flavored candy

Talking Contact Lenses

Researchers at University of Washington have introduced a new wireless communication method that allows small wearable devices to ‘talk’ to everyday devices.

Why some plastic packaging is necessary to prevent food waste

There has been a surge in awareness of the damage that plastic pollution does to our planet in recent years. It has spurred a number of campaigns to remove single-use plastics …

Poaching from the New Savannah

The Ipswich Museum, the Tring Museum, and around 30 other European cultural institutions and antiques dealers have experienced a rash of theft over the last few months. What turns …

Photoshop Your Way to Beauty

Filmmaker Jesse Rosten shows his critical views on body standards by presenting the exclusive beauty breakthrough Fotoshop by Adobé. This revolutionary product features pro-pixel …

Nanotech Generates the Blackest Black

As the NANO Supermarket opens discussions on the ethics, purpose and usability of nanotechnology, Frederik De Wilde is researching its artistic possibilities. De Wilde is a guest …

Diet-in-a-Pill Promises Weight Loss with Synthetic Genes

Fat rats with unrestricted access to high-calorie food still lose weight with the help of a genetic implant.

Electricity Travels Through Spider Web

In future electric cables could be made ??of spider webs. 100% natural electric cables, sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s possible! Researcher at Na tional High Magnetic Field …

Interview: Arne Hendriks, Researcher and "Father" of The Incredible Shrinking Man

Hendriks’s activity explores the positive transformative power of creative impulses and the importance of fundamental free scientific research.

Invisible Headphone Implants

Invisible ear implants for listening to music, getting directions, and recording conversation.

Moss Table Powers Its Own Lamp

When moss photosynthesize, they release nutritious fats, carbs and proteins into their roots to feed colonies of helpful, symbiotic bacteria. In the process of breaking down these …

Smart Tags Change Color as Food Spoils

Smart Tags stick to containers of food and change color when something has expired.

Super Computer Chips

Indium gallium arsenide couldbe the material of the new super computer chips of the future.

We Are Weaker Than Our Ancestors

Human fitness has decreased so significantly that even the strongest of us would consider ancient men to have a supernatural force.

Ingestible Device to Monitor Vital Signs

Biomaterials researchers at MIT came up with a very tiny device able to monitor vital signs from deep inside the body.

Moscow Spent $1.3M for a Day of Sunshine

$1.3 million will be spent on dispersing clouds over Moscow for the May 1 holiday.

A Temporary Tattoo That Heals

Moving tattoos from purely aesthetic crave to a healing method thanks to nanotechnology.

ECO Coin First Trial at DGTL 2017

We had a wonderful first run of the ECO Coin during DGTL festival in Amsterdam.

Next Nature Gift Guide 2018

The season of giving has come and to make sure you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones we have brought together a collection of Next Nature inspired goodies. Whether you …

3D-printing food waste into tasty products

Globally, humans produce enough food to feed 10 billion people (we are only 7 billion now) yet somehow we waste a third of this. Food waste is one of the biggest climate …

Five must-see exhibitions before 2020

A large-scale asian food market serving in vitro meat, a transatlantic expo on the future of nature and a travelling exhibition that explores our relationship with AI. These five …

‘We All Parent Earth’

Last week I was strolling through the aisles of the supermarket when I heard a buzzing sound coming from my pocket. I looked up from my cart and saw it was a message from  …


This is one of the weirdest things I ever saw... It's a commercial for a construction company. The text goes a little bit like this: Anabukikonten is "Anabuki Construction Co." …

Designing for Next Nature (workshop report)

The extent to which new technologies are intervening with everyday life can hardly be underestimated. Virtual realities, nano- and biotechnology are increasingly providing new …


Written by Werner Lippert & Peter Wippermann, Curators of the Entryparadise exhibition (26/8 until 3/12, 2006, at Kohlenwäsche, Zollverein) Design is about to undergo a …

Featherless Chicken

Behold the featherless chicken, created by Scientists at the genetics faculty at the Rehovot Agronomy Institute near Tel Aviv, Israel. The idea behind the development of this …

3D rendered bunnies prefer calm diesels

Kenichi Nagahiro, Honda's chief engine designer, hated diesel engines. When asked to design Honda's first diesel he flatly refused - unless he was allowed to start completely from …

How to grow a Heinz bottle

A nice video made by the Mill. Looks like Debbie Mollenhagens How to grow an Orangina bottle .

How to grow an Orangina bottle.

Consider an Orangina bottle: shaped like an orange it is designed to look like one. But it does so in a very primitive way. Imagine the product is the packaging. Wouldn't it be …

Info Toaster

Toasted bread as an information display device (originally developed in 2001 but somehow still intruiging): a toaster that parses meteorological information from the web and then …

Real Nature is not Green

At the edge of the woods along the motorway near the Dutch town of Bloemendaal, there stands a mobile telephone mast disguised as a pine tree. This mast is not nature: at best, it …

What to do with your cat?

Our relation with the animals we consume is very remote nowadays. The meat in the supermarket is abstract and square. You might consider a vegetarian life style. No? Then you …

Would You Like a Bouquet of Nanoflowers?

These crystalline 'nanoflowers' were developed by Cambridge University PhD student Ghim Wei Ho. The nanostructures of silicon carbide are grown from droplets of gallium on a …

apple stickers

Apple Mac logo with apple stickers by Mark Ferguson. Found on:

Banksy's Shoppingcart Caveman

link: .

Business is Peanuts!

We designers often have to exchange business cards and usually they sit in a drawer forever, forgotten and out of date. In Japan there is quite a ritual about exchanging meishi or …

Buzzword: Re-nature

Hairproducts brand Schwarzkopf launches a new product: Re-Nature, obviously meant to re-nature your hair. But what happened to your hair that it must be engineered back to …


This home-built hot air gun printing in sugar has great potential for making all kinds of interesting foods. Imagine getting tired of your second life avatar --> just print out …

Confetti chicken

This weeks peculiar image was taken this summer by a friend of mine. He went to a birdmarket in Esfahan, Iran and noticed that discrimination takes many forms; only blond chicks …

Dutch Tomatoes: Everlasting

See also: How to grow a Heinz Bottle , Ferrari Tomato

Fake for Real: Can You Taste the Difference?

You can't beat the real thing, but then again, some generations seem to prefer the other choice. Competition between cola brands goes back a long time. Over the years, the two …

Fake for Real: Image Consumption

Hey! That muddy, greasy burger on my plate isn't the firm, fresh, delicious one I picked out from the advertisements above the counter, is it? I vividly remember my first visit to …

Fake for Real: Is that coffee you're drinking?

Creating the perfect cup of espresso used to be an art form in itself. The beans had to be ground to exactly the right coarseness and the water pressure precisely controlled to …

FishBowl - Ready made Meal

After cooking lobsters alive, picking your own living fish in a restaurant and serving your rabbit for Christmas dinner, now comes a wonderful new creation: the FishBoil. This …

Future Beauty: Hyperbreasts?

Let's talk about hyperbreasts. Have you ever wondered why men like women with large breasts? Historically large breasts are presumably sexually attractive for men because they …

Guys and Dolls

Google Video is no longer in operation. Sorry for the inconvenience "It's a high form of masturbation" A RealDoll is a realistic life-size sex doll that cost more than an average …

Little Trees - Smells to refresh your Car

"ROYAL PINE", "VANILLAROMA", "NEW CAR SCENT", "WILD CHERRY". Which of these smelly little trees doesn't fit in the row? After careful consideration I decided the "NEW CAR SCENT" …

Next Nature Interview

For the Venezuelan Magazine Platanoverde , Gabriela Valdivieso y Lope Gutiarrez-Ruiz interviewed artist/scientist Koert van Mensvoort and discussed some of the idea's behind Next …

Modernistic Watermelon

Peculiar object of the week is this square watermelon, found in Japan. Very practical and cost efficient when you want to pile them in boxes and ship them. Artist Piet Mondrian …

The Tissue Engineered Meat of Tomorrow

The meat in the supermarket is abstract, square and habitually made from wickedly manufactured animals. A friend once told me he only eats meat if he "can not recognize the animal …

Trash People

In 246 BC, a Chinese emperor - Qin Shi Huangdi - desired an army that could accompany him on his quest in the land of the dead. With the help of 700.000 craftsmen, he created the …

French USB wine

Remember the article N is for Nature , describing the Californian company Enologix, which creates software to predict how wine critics will rate a wine, so that it can be produced …

Apples and Oranges

Seen in an article of Smashing Magazine . See also: Better than the real thing .

Asus introduces scented laptops

Integrating nature in our technology. There are four different laptops: Floral Blossom (pink), which has a tropical, flowery scent; Musky Black (black), which incorporates a waft …

Back to Nature?

Now this is how you do it. First you take the meat of a hundred animals; chickens (19%), turkeys (17%). Secondly, you blend them in a large tank with water, mais, wheat, oil, fat, …


Who would not need a bananawall in their officegarden? This modular freestanding, indoor/outdoor bananawall system was designed by Stefan Sagmeister . It is made of 7200 banana's. …

Better than the real thing

Take a bite from this pear and I'll spare you all the default connotations with the apple of eden. Source photo by Pablo Montanez . See also Modernistic Watermelon , Ferrari …

Catch and eat fishing by phone

For mobile gamers in western Japan, a hearty seafood dinner awaits just a few key clicks away, thanks to a unique new cellphone fishing game that rewards successful players with …

Ceci n'est pas une Potato Chip

Proctor and Gamble, the maker of Pringles , has successfully argued in a British court that their product is ‘not a potato chip’. Pringles are also officially now, not potato …

Consuming Illusions

So you thought the 'consumption of illusions' was a typical digital world activity of second life residents and gaming addicts? Never underestimate virtuality in everyday life. …

Crash–Test Pizzas?

Schwan Consumer Brands, a leading frozen pizzas brand, has launched a challenging brand: UGLY. The design embraces the rising trend for natural, honest food and the notion that …


According to the inventors of the dogpause bowl , slow eating dogs are happier than fast eating dogs. Having a dog in the first place is supposed to improve the quality of life, …

Global warming sales

The current value of the US-dollar is warming up our globe.. An inventive shop owner in Chelsea (NYC) stuck this advertisement on the window of his shop. What you cannot see is a …


Created by Banksy . Peculiar image of the week. See also: Join the Neolithic Revolution .

Organic Coca-Cola

Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you may be. You can’t beat the real thing. It really refreshes and brings real satisfaction in every glass. It was not until America’s …

Image Consumption Continues...

"Do you know what it really reminds me of? ... Tasty Wheat . Did you ever eat Tasty Wheat ?" – from The Matrix. This is a project by , in which 100 products were …

Join the Neolithic Revolution

Why hunt? Why gather? Join the Neolithic revolution! Somewhere around 9500 BC proto-farmers began to select and cultivate food plants with desired characteristics. While in their …

Metaphors be with you

These iconesque web images of shopping carts and bag icons where gathered by Ro London . I guess soon we will see 'Buy Now' buttons appearing in real life shops? Via …

Million dollar burger

PETA –People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals– has posed a challenge to the world's scientific community: The first person to come up with a method to produce commercially …

Multicultural Gourmet Pack

Multicultural Gourmet Pack is a new meat package that contains a variety of butchered meat products based on different religions and believes. The pack contains a total of 4 …

Recycled Coat

In the countdown to the Biggest Visual Power Show 2008 in Los Angeles we post some video's of earlier presentations. The Powershow 2003 in Paradiso, Amsterdam had the world …

Remote pets

Humans have domesticated animals for thousands of years. The earliest known evidence of a domesticated dog is a jawbone found in a cave in Iraq and dated to about 12,000 years ago …

Searching for something to drink

Copy and paste the successful and your shop will survive. That's what these Indian entrepreneurs must have figured in the city of Mumbai. Peculiar detail: a trademark on that …

Shopping for deer

Gary Barwin – unsurprisingly from Canada – created this image in response to this weeks peculiar image . The good man even went on and wrote a little poem with it. Yes dear …

Shopping tree

We used to wonder where all the stuff in the shops comes from. So now we know. This shopping tree is actually the latest logo of the Dutch shopping center chain V&D . Thanks …

Simulacra for Imposters

“Transformation” is the title of the video by a group of bio–industrialists called Foster Farms . They also sell chicken products, but that’s just to fund their quest for fair …

Some Kids Don't Like Chicken

But they love dinosaur! Judge for yourself whether this dinosaur nugget product is supposed to give kids a history lesson on the evolutionary relation between dinosaurs and birds …

Surrogate Sushi Unmasked with DNA Test

These two teenagers, Kate Stoeckle and Louisa Strauss, just found out many New York sushi restaurants and seafood markets are playing a game of bait and switch with their sushi. …

Soft Drinks for Suckers

Tru Blood is a synthetic nutrient for vampires that completely eliminates the need to seek sustenance from any living creature. Packaged as a consumer good at your local …

Vegetarian Nike

No animals were hurt or injured in the production of these vegetarian Nikes. Created by Paul van Barneveld . Thanks Floris . See also Flesh Nike .

Brandscape: Welcome Home

Wednesday May 21st the boeing I was in, flew over some crop–fields near Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) where I took this picture. It reads: "Welcome home!". Unox is a famous Dutch …

Where it came from

Processed lunch meats etched with a laser cutter. The images show the source of the meat, making you more aware of where that great taste comes from. Link

Apple Salad

Tasty realization of the classic Apple rainbow logo, made entirely out of fresh fruit. The clever creation was made by Richard Thomas from sliced kiwis, bananas, oranges, …

Augmented Phone Browsing

This video shows the first beta version of TwittARound – an augmented reality Twitter viewer on the iPhone 3Gs. It shows live tweets around your location on the horizon. Because …

Biomimicmarketed Strawberry Juice

Peculiar object of the week. See also Banana Juice box , Modernistic Watermelon , Cubic Fruit , How to grow an Orangina Bottle .

Brand dating

Male - BMW, Armani, Durex - is looking for a Female - Dolce & Gabana, New York Times, Victoria's Secret. is a (serious) dating site that relies on the …

Crowdsourced drink

Remember the days when the flavor of a fruity drink was simply connected to an apple, orange, strawberry, kiwi, or perhaps – if you felt really exotic – an acai berry? Nowadays we …

Egg improvements

Since it is Sunday, let's have a genetically photoshopped egg with a handy integrated eggholder. Not sure if these should be mass produced (if possible): Too painful for the …

Favorite explorations of 2009

As we bid farewell to 2009, it’s a good time to look back at our explorations of the year. Here are some of our most popular and peculiar posts, in case you missed them the first …

Five strategies of Biomimicmarketing

Green electricity, Organic Shampoo, Jaguar convertibles, Red Bull, Bio Beef, Alligator gardening tools, Camel cigarettes and Puma sneakers. Once you develop an eye for it, it is …

Food Design in the 21th Century

Old nature provided us with a wide variety of food: fresh milk, crispy vegetables, nutritious meat. Yet this is not enough, we want more: We want a printed steak , square …

Forefather Ox cloned to revive delicious Steak

Delicious retro-future meat from Japan. Food technology in the overdrive. Japanese researchers successfully cloned what is believed to have been the forefather ox of Gifu …

Fresh from the Pharm

Will we in the future still buy several needs according food in shops, or will we grow M&M’s ourselves? There is a lot happening on in the field of food technology , think for …

Freshness Label

Japanese design agency To-Genkyo proposes a dynamic freshness label for meat products. The hourglass-shaped label contains special ink that changes color based on the amount of …


Fruit does wonders for your health. No doubt about it. It is recommended to consume two pieces of fruit each day. One.. Sorry, I've lost count? How convenient to have the two …

Google Ads talk back!

‘Advertising is the cave art of the 20th century’, Marshall McLuhan said. Advertisings are mythical depictions of hunting and gathering rituals, that don’t take place on some …

Hamburger sneaker

We are unsure whether it is just an accidental evolutionary recombination, or that the hamburger sneaker was bound to happen – somehow, it feels natural. Our peculiar object of …

Get it out of Your Head

Talking about image consumption ... Via | Related: Some Kids Don't Like Chicken | Banksy Pet Store   | Featherless Chicken | Confetti Chicken | FFR Image Consumption

How to Grow a Sneaker

No silly. Of course sneakers can't be grown from transforming Koi Karpers. This is merely an fictional piece by Yoske Nishiumi. But then again, do you have any idea where your …

How to Grow your Own Toaster

Now here is an experiment any one can do at home: Look around in your house and try to find a consumer product of which you know where it was made and by whom. Got any? Indeed, …

Hyper Fruit

Imaginary advertizement for genetically engineered hybrid hyperfruits featuring an 'limwi', 'kiwange' and a 'strawblackberry'. Imagine a taste of things to come. Makes you want to …

Kiwi Juice Packaging

What you see is what you get – at least that is what you hope – with this biomimicked kiwinut juice packaging designed by Naoto Fukasawa. See also: Image consumption , Image …

Meat Pork

This meat pig was reconstructed by Ton Meijdam . See also: Get vegetarian teeth and eat less meat , Million Dollar Burger , Back to where it came from ,

Melting polar bear reveals a metal skeleton

Unsure how this melting polar bear ice sculpture created by artist Mark Coreth fits in Next Nature mythology. The art piece was presented last week in Copenhagen and is sponsored …

Modernistic Meat

This slightly uncanny piece of modernistic meat is actually not made from meat, but from wax, oil, paint polystyrene, stage blood & latex, by artist John Isaacs , who titled …

Natural Condoms

Nature is a terrific marketing tool and corporations know this. When having to choose between eighteen different types of condoms, I am intuitively drawn towards the one with the …


Peculiar image of the week. Created by Janis Pönisch and Anne de Vries .

Scientists 'grow' pork

Scientists at the Eindhoven University of Technology are creating artificial pork. Prof. Dr Mark Post and his colleagues of the department of Biomedical Engineering have extracted …

The Biodegradable Credit Card

No question about it, Americans have an overconsumption problem. The total outstanding balance of bank-issued credit cards per consumer was $5,710 in December 2008, according to …

The World Without Technology

I remember the smoke the most. That pungent smell permeating the camps of tribal people. Everything they touch is infused with the lingering perfume of smoke – their food, …

Who designed the banana?

Looking at a banana from a design perspective, one immediately notices the fruit is highly ergonomic and sophisticated: Bananas fit perfectly in the human hand, they come with a …

Why are carrots orange? It is political

No, the image above does not some show some collection of freshly genetically designed hypercarrots in various colors of the rainbow. This is the spectrum of colors carrots used to have.

DIY Cardio Plumming

Don’t worry, your tongue will only stay neon green for an hour or two after consuming Liquid-Plumr-Cardio. Despite the plaque-busting nanoparticles, we doubt whether this is the …


Things that make us feel and look good. Branded nature? Created by Russian design agency Firma .

Fat/slim magnifying label

With an optical trick, this German bottle of water is trying to prove its effectiveness for the body. Though drinking water is a necessity for life, the downside of this product …

Friendly Vending Machine

Designer Guus Baggermans was quite annoyed by the clumsy impoliteness of current vending machines, that typically require you to enter some abstract number to select your drink or …

Genetically Modified Salmon moves to Kitchen Table

The US Food and Drug Administration is considering whether to approve the first genetically engineered animal that people would eat — salmon that can grow at twice the normal …

Grapple – a Grape flavored Apple

They say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but now we wonder what this keeps away, the Grapple , a hyperfruit that "Grunches like an Apple. Tastes like a Grape." The …


Now here is an example of the fusion between the made and the born , most kids would crave for. Much better than the robotic dino toy. Designed by evolution! Hopefully this …


Although most biomimicmarketing strategies are oxymoronic , it is nice to see some people take them full cycle. This Japanese Apple fan found  a way to naturally grow and harvest …

In Pursuit of Artificial Flavoring

Following in the footsteps of a Marco Polo-esque spice trade, next nature explorers Jon Cohrs and Ryan Van Luit travel by canoe past massive cargo ships and factories in search of …

Keep it cool with the Bio-Robot Fridge

The Bio Robot fridge is a speculative product that uses a non sticky, odourless gel to envelope stored food as individual pods. The idea is that the gel cools by absorbing heat …

Kosher Coke

Last week I opened a bag of potato crisps that read: "We know the origins of all our ingredients" . As some crisps had already disappeared down my throat, this made me suddenly …

Nano Care™ Blueberry Paste Wax

Surely we are quite attuned to some unexpected flavors in these quarters, but this Nano Care™ Blueberry Paste Wax wins our syncretic mash-up award for combining technorethoric …

Next Nature Movie #1: Quest for Fire

The Quest for Fire (1981) shows the Next Nature of 80.000 BC. Set in a world without highways, supermarkets, airports, Internet, television, farming, money or written language, …

Oil Diet: Recipes for Disaster

Do you know how much oil you use per day? Neither did director John Webster. In 2005 he decided to make a documentary about oil from his own families perspective. How would it be …

Rare mutation: Razorius Gilletus Vectrus

If you haven't read the recently posted essay " Razorius Gilletus – On the Origin of a Next Species ?", you probably won't understand much of the following. Anyhow, I'd want to …

Self Catching Fish

Researchers at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood's Hole, Massachusetts, are testing a plan to train fish to catch themselves by using a sound broadcast to attract them into …

Smart vending machine

  At Tokyo's Shinagawa Station visitors can now select beverages from a 47-inch touch panel. An embedded camera will recognize your gender and age, allowing the machine to …

City Rats Love Ethnic Food

City rats, it seems, prefer the same foods that humans do: Greasy, fatty, sweet, and salty. Although rats are usually seen as the billy goats of city life, ready to chow down on …

Ecological Insecticide

Ecological insecticide allows you to extinguish-nature in a nature-friendly way. It nicely illustrates the "I love nature, but not in my backyard" attitude, so popular nowadays. …

Evolution of the Chicken

From Dinosaur to primitive bird to supermarket discount. Although chickens thrive as a species – in the sense that billions of them roam the earth bio-industry – we doubt if the …

Meet the New Meat

What do you think of lab-grown meat? "Yuck" might be your first reaction. One day, however, it could become the environmentally friendly alternative for breeding cows and pigs for …

Peel that Bottle

There’s nothing quite like peeling a piece of fruit, but if you end up with a bottle of Vodka after peeling, you know you have been caught in a biomimicmarketing fantasy. I guess …

Peelable Ice Cream

Filed under Biomimicmarketing . Pleases your inner monkey. Peelable banana ice cream by Nesle . Thanks Jurrian.

Raptor in a Wrapper

The appliance company Bosch claims that its new technology keeps food so fresh that meat from the Ice Age (and presumably the Cretaceous as well) can be stored without incident …

The Search for the "Real" Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fake-for-real. While it's true that there was a minor harvest feast in 1621, held by English immigrants and Wampanoag Indians, the event was never celebrated …

Vertical Farming

Columbia professor Dickson Despommier imagines filling New Yorks skyscrapers with farms. As over 50% of the world population now lives in urban areas, this scenario could solve …

Think Breast is Best? Try Udder

Scientists in China have created transgenic cows that produce 'human' milk.  The researchers boosted the fat content of the milk and added three types of proteins, unique to …

Tomberry – The Worlds Smallest Tomato

Some people like berries, some like tomato's. So what do you get when you get when the two mate? Indeed, the latest hyperfruit spotted on the selves is the Tomberry . This …

Traditional Thanksgiving Meat

Food technology in the overdrive: Pork molded in the shape of a piglet.

Transgenic Jell-O, more human than ever!

The American Chemical Society has announced a new method of producing gelatin that sounds like good news for cannibals and the canni-curious. Researchers are able to create …

Want Ketchup with those Flies?

Industrial-scale in vitro meat may be a long way off, but for meat-lovers looking for a cheap, eco-friendly source of protein, there's no need to wait. We just have to swear off …

Who Owns the Rights to a Toucan?

Kellogg, the proud copyright holders of Toucan Sam, recently asked a the Mayan Archeology Initiative  to reconsider their logo . Despite the fact that the two birds have entirely …

#10: Enhance Human Experience, Don’t Replace it

Part 10 in the 11 part series Anthropomorphism and Design . The hidden danger with interactive products is that they will become so good at fulfilling our needs that they start to …

Creating the World's Cutest Fruit

Just like corn, bananas , and essentially any other plant we cultivate, the Cutie mandarin is the result of a concerted effort to produce an ideal food. Mandarin oranges come from …

Does Chocolate Milk Come From Brown Cows?

Although chocolate milk producing cows may sound silly, scientists are seriously analyzing the feasibility of the idea. Why not add genes of cocoa and sugar to a cow, in order to create a cow that produces sweet chocolate milk?

Dumpster Fish the Future of Farming

Cities have seen guerilla gardens, rooftop honey production, and fire escape chicken coops. Now, urban farmers may be adding aquaculture to the mix. Headed by ex-banker …

Dyeing Salmon Pink for Farms and Profit

Wild salmon gets its robust pink color from a diet rich in red-hued krill. Farmed salmon are fed on fish meal, chicken byproducts, soybeans, wheat and a long list of other …

Eating In-Vitro: Kitchen Meat Incubator

The Kitchen Meat Incubator does for home cooking what the electronic synthesizer did for the home musician. It provides its users with a set of pre-programmed samples that can be …

Eating In-Vitro: Knitted Meat

Rather than growing whole steaks in bio-reactors, Knitted Meat assumes that it is more feasible to create thin threads of protein. Supermarkets sell balls of meat fiber seasoned …

Eating in Vitro: Magic Meatballs

Magic Meatballs are designed to playfully familiarize children with lab-grown meat.

Meat, the Expectations

As the planet’s population speeds towards 9 billion, it’s becomes impossible to continue consuming meat like we do today. Will we all be eating rice and beans? Grasshoppers …

Enjoy Udder Milk

Imaginary infomercial on the hypernatural udder cows, optimized for milk production

Featured Page #04: The McWorld Map

During the coming weeks, we will present a selection of our favourite pages from the Next Nature book . This week a tool that encourages us to experience local specialties through …

Four Objections to Lab-Grown Meat

In vitro meat has been billed as a way to  end animal suffering , put a stop to global warming , and solve the world's insatiable demand for animal protein. There's no doubt that …

Genetically Engineered "Arctic" Apple Will Never Turn Brown

Canada-based Okanagan Specialty Fruits is pitching a genetically engineered apple that does not turn brown when bruised or exposed to air. This new technology, available in both …

Glass Gem Corn Looks Like Jewelry

Most corn has been selectively bred over the centuries to be a single color: yellow, white or blue. Glass gem corn, a varietal grown by Greg Schoen , harkens back to the days when …

Growing Plants in the Dark

While sunlight contains all colors, the dominant type of chlorophyll in plants only needs purple light to function. This simple fact has big implications for the future of …

Hybrid Meat

On society's search to becoming a meatless one, several new kinds of 'meat' pop up in the food industry. From so called 'hybrid' meatballs, to 'the chicken that isn't', when will …

Inside the Fastfood "Photokitchen"

Why does your food look different in advertising than it does in the store? A Canadian McDonald's marketing manager tries to answer this common question with a behind-the-scenes …

Lucy McRay - Swallowable Parfum

Know garlic? Now imagine we could make something that functions alike, but smells a lot better. That's what Swallowable parfum is about.

Mark Post - Meet the New Meat

According to professor Mark Post, lab-grown meat could become the environmentally friendly alternative for breeding cows and pigs for meat consumption. Watch his talk!

Meat the Future

This promotional video for in-vitro meat was brought to you by the bureau for in-vitro meat promotion students of the Beckmans College of Design .

Medicinal Blueberries

As our scientific knowledge of nutritious food increases, will healthy foods be progressively designed to look like medicines? This blueberry blister packaging created by Chinese …

Muscle Milk. Contains No Milk.

Pump yourself up the "natural" way: Muscle Milk  contains no milk, and hopefully no muscles either. Just goes to show that nature is the most successful marketing trope of our …

Nano Product: Conception Control

Using a condom impregnated with artificial nano-antigens, Conception Control only permits sperm with the right chromosome to pass through: X for girls, Y for boys. Conception …

Real Vanilla is Natural, but Natural Vanilla is Fake

What most gourmands would define as "real" and "natural" vanilla flavoring is simple: Vanilla beans steeped in alcohol. But vanillin, the chemical responsible for vanilla's taste …

Robots Invade Stores to Steal Our Jobs

There's a new threat to the world's unemployed. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a robot that helps to organize shop inventories, making that trip to the …

Search Where the Sun don’t Shine

You’re spending too much of your time in the sewers of the internet, planning to pigeon-rank your toilet visits or you’re simply feeling lucky? This peculiar shanzhai ’d toilet …

The "Plantascraper" Sprouts in Sweden

We're used to seeing proposals for high-tech vertical farms that never seem to translate to real life, but the city of Linköping in Sweden has finally taken these buildings out of …

Using Simple Scents to Trick Shoppers into Buying

Retailers have long known that certain smells get us into the buying mood – cinnamon or warm cookies around the holidays, for instance – even if we're shopping for completely …

Christien Meindertsma – Visualizing the Pig Farm

Christien Meindertsma was surprised by the unrealistic nostalgic visualizations of farms on children's coloring plates. She decided to create a more realistic coloring plate of the pig farm.

Pick Pig - Name Pig - Love Pig - Eat Pig

In a time of all-horse hamburgers and E. coli outbreaks, food provenance has become a huge issue. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the lack of traceability within the …

Design Indaba Interview

Our South African friends of Design Indaba made a nifty little video of the presentation we did at What Design Can Do this spring.

Food Familiarization #1: Semantic Tricks

When does a rose not smell as sweet? When it's a Patagonian toothfish.

Food Simulator to Fulfill the Desire to Eat

Two master's students have created a speculative device to simulate the sensations of eating.

From Eco-Apartheid to Earth Democracy

Do humans exist merely to make money and use resources? Vandana Shiva believes humans have a higher purpose.

Green Colors Make Food Seem Healthier

Which candy bar you choose depends on the color of the packaging.

Grossed Out by Lab-Grown Meat? Here's 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be

In vitro meat is creepy, unnatural and downright disgusting – and so is every other kind of food we eat.

How Food Scientists Engineer the "Bliss Point" in Junk Food

Cheetos and other junk foods are more carefully engineered than the average bridge.

How to Avoid a Global Wine Shortage

A global wine shortage is looming. Never fear: Next Nature has a solution.

In-Vitro Hamburger Sponsored by Google

More remarkable than the look and taste of the burger, which only stood out because it was presented in a petri dish and described by one of the panelist as 'hot', was the revelation that Serge Brin, co-founder of, financed the project.

In-Vitro Meat Visions in The Guardian

Last weekends edition of the Guardian featured some of the In-Vitro Meat Visions developed at Next Nature Lab.

Innovative Nostalgia

We humans simply feel more comfortable with technological change when it comes in a familiar form that refers to an existing and accepted object, habit, value, tradition or intuition.

Invasive Sushi from Invasive Species

Chef Bun Lai of Miya's Sushi in New Haven, Connecticut, has a cheeky solution to invasive species: he eats them. His menu regularly features lionfish and Asian shore crabs, …

Jason Silva and the Dawn of Nanotech

Buckle up for a new series of videos from performance philosopher Jason Silva.

Making Fake Eggs to Beat the Real Thing

Tech experts are betting that they can make vegetarian eggs that outperform the real thing.

Manufacturing Imperfection in Processed Luncheon Meats

Food companies are hard at work inventing processes to make luncheon meat look "deli fresh".

Meat & Greet Workshop Report

Last week, Next Nature Lab had the first Meat & Greet to explore the future of in vitro meet.

Meet The Tongue Parasite

If you're a fish, and want to keep your original tongue, better keep your mouth closed.

Organic Coke Arrives

Five years ago we envisioned Organic Coke as the fictional summit of Greenwashing. Now it is 2013. Guess what?

Paradise Reset

Interview with our own Koert van Mensvoort in the IKON Television Documentary 'Paradise Reset' on the future of human nature.

Protocell Shoe Mends Itself

The self-repairing sole is a dynamic solution to an everyday problem.

Q&A with CEO of In Vitro Meat Company "Modern Meadow"

Excerpts from the Rebbit AMA with Andras Forgacs, founder of a company that manufactures in vitro meat.

Smart Sock Makes Your Feet Speak

A new wearable device provides runners with info on posture, rhythm and stride length.

"Soylent" Liquid Meals Will Save the World

Can a meal replacer save us money, time, and maybe even save the world?

We Are Not Alone Eating Fast Food

Beekeepers in France have been puzzled by their bees producing blue and green honey. Turned out the bees were eating waste from an M&Ms factory.

Why Are Lobsters Thriving in Maine?

The surprising - and predictably depressing - reasons why lobster stocks are booming.

World's First In Vitro Hamburger Arrives

Break out the ketchup: Mark Post has grown the world's first entirely artificial burger from cultured beef cells.

100% Organic? Get a Coconut

100% pure organic coconut water would be to drink directly from the coconut. So how organic is this product really? 80% Organic? 70% Organic? Or just slightly more organic than the coconut water without the labeling?

Growing the Future of Meat

Outside of the limits imposed by the edges of an animal’s body, the cells can reproduce and multiply until they exhaust the nutrients and space provided, filling petri dishes and vats to grow the future of meat.

In Vitro Recipe #1: Knitted Meat

The length of a muscle fiber was once limited by the size of the animal it was growing in. Now, freed from the constraints of the body, it’s possible to culture “thread” made from long strands of muscle tissue.

No Future for Traditional Meat

At Home in the Lab with Mark Post, Father of the In Vitro Hamburger. Interview from The In Vitro Meat Cookbook

Pentagonal Orange

Japanese farmers have created pentagon-shaped oranges.

Pepsi Aubergine

Occasionally you bump into an image that seems related to our next nature quest, but you are unable to verbalize.

Play Buttons on Paper Magazines

Updating the old paper magazine into the digital realm.

Razorius Gilletus Flexball Subspecies

The latest subspecies in the Razorius line is the Razorius Gilletus Flexball. While Gillete proclaims they reinvented shaving, others argue Gillette's new razor is everything that's wrong with America.

Razorius Gilletus Gold Plastic

Like the exorbitant feathers of the peacock, which only function is to aesthetically stand out amid its competitors, this new species of Razorius Gilletus only differs from its predecessor aesthetically.

Analogue vs Digital: Add to Shopping Cart

We don’t have to leave our homes to do groceries, buy new clothes, furniture, or anything. We can buy everything online!

Bioprinting in the Kitchen of the Future

Cultivator is speculative design project on how bioprinting could find its way into the kitchen of the future.

Did a Robot Grow your Vegetable?

The world’s largest indoor farm  is not the only firm developing vertical agriculture. Japanese company  Spread plans to grow more than ten million heads of lettuce a year by …

Diseases Of The Future

Nowadays humans suffer from diseases that didn't exist in the past, a trend that will probably continue into the future. A wide range of new disorders, especially related to the …

Genome Editing - Bringing the Übermensch to a Shelf Near You

Last April, a Chinese group of researchers published a paper that set the scientific world ablaze in a fierce debate. The paper was about their attempts to edit the DNA of a human …

Grow your Dinner in a Kitchen Insect Farm

The Kitchen Insect Farm enables people to grow their own protein source (read: larvae) at home.

Intimate Technology: the Battle for Our Body and Behaviour

Technology is nestling itself within us and between us, has knowledge about us and can act just like us.

Minimalist Effect in the Maximalist Market

The multidisciplinary design consultancy Antrepo Team created a project named Minimalist Effect in the Maximalist Market in 2010.

Order Anything with Amazon's Button

Amazon introduced a new gadget, named Dash Button, that will help you order groceries automatically.

Robot’s Best Friend

From chef, to nurse, and also lover. Get ready, a new generation of robots is going to invade our lives!

Soil-Free Farming in the Desert

A special absorbant film that require no soil may be able to grow plants more efficiently than soil farming.

The art of growing grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to meat protein. Could the ability to grow them in your kitchen make them more appealing? Watch the video below and …

The World’s Largest Indoor Farm

The world’s largest indoor farm in Japan is 100 times more productive than traditional agriculture.

Future of Food: Eating From the Ditch

For years scientist and farmers are researching the possibilities of eating duckweed, shoveling it out of the ditches onto our plates. This proteinrich plants can be used in animal fodders or be eaten by humans.

Genetic Scissors Instead of Chef's Knife

CRISPRy cabbage has been served for the first time in the world.

Growing Potatoes at JFK Airport

The 5th largest airline in the United States, JetBlue, is growing potatoes at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.

An Edible Drone for Humanitarian Aid

Nigel Gifford is developing a drone that will be relatively inexpensive, disposable and edible.

Ramen: the New Prison Currency

Instant ramen noodles have become a valuable commodity to inmates, as cost-cutting measures in US prisons led to the deterioration of food quality.

A Taste of RoboBee Honey

Where most researchers are focusing on keeping bees alive, researchers of Harvard are developing a bee replacement; the Robobee. The Robobee is only the size of half a paperclip, with ultra thin wings flapping 120 times per second. The main goal is to build a mechanic pollinator.

Waiter, There's a Pig in My Soup!

A miniature piglet staring at you from a soup, to remind you the origins of your meal.

Tap Your Milk from a Cow Around the Corner

Turning cows into walking vending machines for milk.

Fungal Futures: the Mushrooms Utopia

Exhibition Fungal Futures: design with mushrooms.

Growing Norwegian Nori in the Lab

Norwegian researchers have succeeded to grow nori under laboratory conditions for the first time.

The Idea for Lab-Grown Meat Was Born in a Prisoner-of-War Camp

The phone call was as unexpected as the American accent at the other end of the line. And when she hung up a few moments later, Ira van Eelen had to stop to catch her breath. More …

Shazam Your Plant Findings

Shazam for Plants app lets you catch around 400.000 plant species left on our planet through the lens of your smartphone.

From Shopping Center to Urban Farm

Rooftop farm takes over Israel’s oldest mall to grow thousands of organic vegetables.

World’s First Lab-Grown Chicken Is Here

Memphis Meats reveals world’s first lab-grown chicken.

A full course cabbage meal to discuss the problem of agricultural over-abundance

Last night we were invited to celebrate the plenty at the third edition of the Neo-Futurist Dinner series at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. This time, the night was hosted by Dutch …

Is eSports really sport?

eSports is the huge industry that’s growing up around competitive online gaming. Let’s take a look at how this cyberpunk sporting world came to be.

Interview Mark Wigley: "We are living in an ecology of antenna"

With the invention of the radio antenna in the late 19th century, we became a different species: Introducing the human insect. A species, able to communicate across oceans using …

'I volunteer myself to try this cultured meat at my own risk'

The Netherlands leads in cheese, clogs, and cultured meat. This sustainable and animal-friendly form of meat has largely been developed in our country. In 1997, Willem van Eelen …

Why insects are not the new sushi

People across the world have been eating insects for thousands of years. We know that approximately 2,000 species are edible and that these insects are eaten in many different …

Future Food, the exhibition

Imagine, it’s 2050 and you are feeling hungry. What will be on your plate? Where will your food come from, and how will it be produced? It may be juicy ants from the nearest …

10 Next Nature dinner table conversation starters

Summer is here and the sun is out, and yes, this is awesome. After a long day in the sizzling summer sun, you get a group of people together to share some delicious food, …

Next Generation: Pei-Ying Lin is cooking with viruses

This story is part of  Next Generation , a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Want to see your work here?  Get in touch  and plot your …

This app allows you to talk to quarantined people around the world

Loneliness is one of the silent serial killers during the pandemic. Therefore Next Nature provides you the tip to pick up your phone.  Artists Danielle Baskin and Max Hawkin …

Why physical distancing feels so unnatural to us

For many people, the most distressing part of the coronavirus pandemic is the idea of social isolation. If we get ill, we quarantine ourselves for the protection of others. But …

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