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Visual of Did you know? 2.0

Did you know? 2.0

Update of the video " Shift happens " by Karl Fisch. Wonderful, concise video that helps raise awareness of the issues of globalization in our newly connected world first raised …

Visual of Big Ass Browser

Big Ass Browser

First we had the internet. We stored all our texts and images in databases. Then came search engines to locate the data. Now is the time to interconnect it all; to share knowledge …

Visual of Botanic Artists

Botanic Artists

Where other trees grow their branches towards the light, willows seem to want to touch the surface. Tim Knowles creates drawings independent of his own hand and when he attaches …

Visual of Brain-computer interface for Second Life

Brain-computer interface for Second Life

While recent developments in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology have given humans the power to mentally control computers, nobody has used the technology in conjunction …

Visual of Earthrise on YouTube

Earthrise on YouTube

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and public broadcaster NHK have released a video of the Earth rising over the lunar horizon. The video was taken on November 7 by the …

Visual of Ibar


ibar | video | related post: Reac-table | Shadow-creatures and digi-ants

Visual of Map of Online Communities

Map of Online Communities

Just in case you hadn't seen this one . Informational spaces define physical spaces, rather than the other way around. The map is the territory? Let's just hope the territory can …

Visual of On the Internet, nobody knows you're a Dog

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a Dog

Yes I know this is a classic New Yorker comic everyone knows already. But I don't care! This is my blog, dammit, and I'll rant about fifteen-year-old memes if I want.

Visual of Surplus - Terrorized into Being Consumers

Surplus - Terrorized into Being Consumers

For those who find it to difficult to read John Zerzan , there is still a Youtube version. Surplus: Terrorized Into Being Consumers is a Swedish documentary film on consumerism …

Visual of TeleBombing


The MQ-9 Reaper is loaded, but there's no one on board. Its pilot, as it bombs targets in Iraq and Afghanistan, will sit at a video console 7,000 miles away in Nevada. Although …

Visual of The Metaverse Roadmap

The Metaverse Roadmap

In ancient times heroes like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus explored the unknown territories of the globe. Today world traveling has become a teenage tourist activity, but …

Visual of To boldly Google...

To boldly Google...

...where no one has googled before! Of course this would be possible one day: browsing the universe from your desktop. Google did it again and unlocks space, the final frontier …

Visual of Victoria 4.0

Victoria 4.0

Victoria has great realism, perfect imperfections, and incredible ease of use. Based on live human models she is trying to close the gap between real life and models typically …

Visual of Warp your room

Warp your room

Remember the e-paper brainstorm we had on this blog? Here's a nice example on that wallpaper-wish , though these "warps" are customly printed on fleece that can be papered the …

Visual of A view beyond

A view beyond

Imagine the impossible… a secret transatlantic tunnel running between New York and London, that has lain undisturbed for a hundred years. And imagine an extraordinary optical …

Visual of Air traffic

Air traffic

The paths of air traffic over North America visualized in color and form. Created by Aaron Koblin .

Visual of Country looking for a new land

Country looking for a new land

The Maldives, a chain of islands off the coast of India is taking the possibility of disappearance into account. This little piece of paradise is so low above sea level that it …

Visual of If giraffes lived in the US

If giraffes lived in the US

© Thomas Mangold

Visual of If the earth is not round..

If the earth is not round..

:// The convincing tone of the Iraqi Astronomy researcher Fadhel Al-Sa'd in his elaboration on the shape of the earth in an Iraqi television show, is just as …

Visual of It is a weird world out there.

It is a weird world out there.

Hereby I present you the new order of the world. Image found at

Visual of Super cities

Super cities

A series of slides dealing with the ongoing urbanization of the world.

Visual of Brandscape: Welcome Home

Brandscape: Welcome Home

Wednesday May 21st the boeing I was in, flew over some crop–fields near Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) where I took this picture. It reads: "Welcome home!". Unox is a famous Dutch …

Visual of World Cow

World Cow

Visual of Behavioral Urbanism

Behavioral Urbanism

Its title might be self-explanatory and it sure looks intriguing... however kokkugia fails to give a thorough description for this architectual piece. Classified as 'peculiar …

Visual of Colalife


Coca-Cola© succeeds in what most NGO's try to achieve: getting the goods to the poor in the 3rd world   Africa. For most people there, a Coke is easier to get and cheaper than a …

Visual of Ecology Safari

Ecology Safari

Peculiar holiday of the week.

Visual of Happy Nature, Serious Business

Happy Nature, Serious Business

There's no reality gap. There's no reality gap. There's no reality gap. Related: Hate Something | Deforestation in China Threatens Giant Pandas

Visual of No Signal

No Signal

As technology evolves, people are more and more depending on it to function properly. But the nature of technology is that it needs networks, sources, software, batteries and …

Visual of Office Kiss

Office Kiss

Neo was here. By Kristof Wickman, Tyler Peterson, and Shaun Owens-Agase, November 2004. Source: | Related: Warp Your Room | Learning to Build Superman's House | …

Visual of Pantonebow


Never believed in pots of gold anyway. Related: Credit on Color - rainbow of credit cards | Datafountain - money translated into water | Ceci n'est pas une Roche | Faked Fireworks …

Visual of The Internet Mapping Project

The Internet Mapping Project

Kevin Kelly -- senior maverick at Wired -- asks people how they see the internet and if they can, visualize it. Here is how: "The internet is vast. Bigger than a city, bigger than …

Visual of Unfolding the Earth - Myriahedral projections

Unfolding the Earth - Myriahedral projections

How can we unfold the Earth? Making a map of the earth is an ancient problem. For thousands of years cartographers, mathematicians, and inventors have developed methods to …

Visual of Wallpaper Escape

Wallpaper Escape

Found sportswear a d, will be reality some day... (with magical goggles of some sort) Related: Recreation in NextNature | Big Ass Search Engine | If Giraffes lived in the US | …

Visual of Windows XP Revisited

Windows XP Revisited

The most distributed image ever is being phased out. What remains is a hill in Sonoma Valley, California. Charles O’Rear used to pass that hill almost daily between his home in …

Visual of World Map Zodiac

World Map Zodiac

Kentaro Nagai rearranges the world map to create a series of illustrations he calls: "Twelve Animals". Via: PinkTentacle | Related: World Cow | World Mapper |

Visual of Dubai Globe: Sea versus Economy

Dubai Globe: Sea versus Economy

When developers launched the globe project just off Dubai's coast in 2003, they hoped that the rich and famous would land there to populate the 300 islands. Within five years …

Visual of First tweet from space

First tweet from space

That's one small tweet for man, one giant tweet for mankind. The virtual realm has physically expanded once again as Timothy Creamer a.k.a. Astro_TJ made Twitter history by being …