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A Virtual Reality Retreat

Are we sleepwalking into our technological future?

Virtual Networking, the Future Social Media

Virtual reality is already becoming a part of the conversation surrounding social media. Will it become the next popular social network?

Three ways virtual reality is revolutionizing teaching

You’ve probably heard how Virtual Reality (VR) is going to change everything: the way we work, the way we live, the way we play. Still, for every truly transformative technology, …

The World's First Virtual Reality Park

A virtual reality theme park where visitors can explore the virtual world in a physical environment.

Virtual Reality Meditation

Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra just unveiled a 20-minute therapy session inviting us to come back to the present moment through virtual reality.

Next hospitals: How virtual reality is shaping the future of medicine

And it’s already showing incredible results. VR transports us to faraway worlds without even asking us to leave our chairs. Yet we usually hear about it in the context of video …

Experience Van Gogh in Virtual Reality

America artist Mac Cauley created a new way to experience the painting in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Treats Nicotine Addicts

Scientists are using virtual reality environments to help people quit smoking.

Experiencing Animal Vision Through Virtual Reality

Eyes of the Animal is an interactive project that invites the public to an uncommon virtual reality setting conceived especially for experiences in actual forests, giving the opportunity to see the world as an insect would.

Virtual Reality Dining Experience

Using immersive virtual reality and aromatics to make the brain believe we are enjoying a delicious dish.

Virtual Reality Headset for Chickens

A virtual reality headset could give chickens the freedom to roam without the roaming.

Virtual Reality Can Intensify Emotions

Researchers discovered that people's reactions to 3D images of facial expressions are more emotional than the responses to classic 2D images.

Experience Death with VR

Virtual reality experiment tries to help people frightened of death with outer-body experience.

Next Nature Habitat VR Wins Sweden VR Award

Our Next Nature Habitat VR experience has won the Sweden International Virtual Reality Award in the category Best 360 Video!

Virtual Bedtime Stories

Samsung just revealed the prototype version of Bedtime VR Stories, a technology that connects parents to their children in virtual reality, right before bedtime.

Researchers are using VR to help teachers understand autism

Researchers are using VR as an empathy tool to help neurotypical teachers understand their students with autism. There have already been attempts to use VR to help autistic …

Make the World Your Office

Imagine being able to enter your office through a digital representation of reality. It sounds crazy, but it’s possible with augmented and virtual reality.

Virtual missing limb

"Many people who lose a limb experience the sensation that it is still attached to their body. This is also often accompanied by a feeling of pain in the missing appendage. …

A Society of Simulations

An interviewer once asked Pablo Picasso why he paints such strange pictures instead of painting things the way they are. Picasso asks the man what he means. The man then takes out …

Which Technologies will 2016 Bring?

The new year is right around the corner, let’s forget about long-term future for a while to check out what new tech trends will hit it big in 2016. At the end of every year, …

The Candle of the Future

My New Flame uses LED technology to faithfully recreate the experience of light from the ancient past

Explore Mars with NASA's VR Experience

Exploring the surface of Mars at least 15 years before a human being in flesh and blood will be able to, this is the new ambitious idea of the people at NASA.

Work Remotely in VR Nature

Breakroom is a VR app that lets you fill your daily working tasks in a simulated nature surrounding, enhancing productivity and mental balance.

Interview: Jeremy Bailenson on his latest book "Experience on Demand"

Virtual reality has come a long way. Like most technological leaps, it’s had a huge push from the entertainment industry, but current applications span a wide range of social and …

Games become jobs: Looking through the eye of the submarine with an X-Box controller

Submarines feature a special device called a periscope that allows people inside the submarine to see what's going on above water. Controlling such an eye requires hours of …

10 Next Nature dinner table conversation starters

Summer is here and the sun is out, and yes, this is awesome. After a long day in the sizzling summer sun, you get a group of people together to share some delicious food, …