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Welcome to Next Nature Network!

With members in 44 countries, Next Nature Network is the international community for anyone interested to join the debate on our future – in which nature and technology are fusing.
We are a network of thinkers and doers. We investigate how technology becomes so ubiquitous, complex, intimate and autonomous - that it develops its own dynamic. We stimulate discussion, initiate publications, events and traveling exhibitions about how we can dream, build and live in our next nature. Our projects range from a fictional sneaker company that triggers the discussion about biotechnology, to a smartphone app that lets you hear WI-FI radiation, to a currency that expresses ecological value. Defining our future together, that is our goal.
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Why your support matters

In a landscape of conservative nature lovers, we are the progressive people that look at nature in a new way. How will we dream, build and live in the next nature? Your support gives us a voice, helps realize more projects and inspire more people.

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