Nano Wine

The entire wine store in one bottle.

20,00 18,00


This wine contains millions of nano-capsules that, depending on your mood and taste preferences, can be opened with microwaves. Uopened nano-capsules move through your body unnoticed, while the opened ones alter the taste, smell, and color of the wine.  Open the vanilla capsules if you are in an Australian mood.  Feel more like Syrah? Open the oak and pepper capsules. Truffle brings on an Italian mood. For a smooth Merlot, you don’t have to do anything.


This is a speculative product from our Nano Supermarket, this (real) Merlot is imbued with (fake) nanoparticles and a (real) placebo. A delicious way to get high-tech discussions started around the dinner table. In vino, futurum!