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Bone Pickers

A taste of the future

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With the world’s population expected to reach nine billion people by 2050, it becomes impossible to produce and consume meat like we do today.

In vitro meat, grown from cells in a laboratory, could provide a sustainable andanimal-friendly alternative. Yet, before we can decide if we are willing to eat in vitro, we must explore the new food cultures it will bring us.

For example: what recipes will we use? We gathered 45 of them in our In Vitro Meat Cookbook. But how will we eat these recipes without losing the feeling of real meat?

There is something deeply satisfying about gnawing meat off the bone. So as not to lose this primal pleasure, we offer you these Bone Pickers, made of cultured meat around an ersatz bone scaffold. We are giving you back the joys of chomping and tearing meat of a bone.

Bone Pickers, 3 pcs, all white (grease not included).

Visual of Bone Pickers