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Next Nature Magazine: RetroFuture

The future of yesterday

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Welcome to the Next Nature Magazine: RetroFuture, the future of yesterday. The magazine is complementary to the exhibition RetroFuture, a hybrid publication that is part magazine and part exhibition catalog: a 'magalog'. Spanning 176 pages, the magazines takes you on a whirling journey to tomorrow’s past and present. Along the way we will stop for you at: universal dreams and nightmares, the greatest and smallest predictions, tangible realities, speculative ideas, with our final destination: yesterday.

Sci-fi short by writer Michael Salu. Essay by philosopher Koert van Mensvoort. Interviews with architect Julia Watson; microbiologist Jasper Buikx. Visual essays by photographer Wanda Tuerlinckx; body architect Lucy McRae; artists Entangled Others; palaeontologist Dougal Dixon; designer Marie Declerfayt; artist Sylvain Viau. Columns by biodesigner Teresa van Dongen; emoji-expert Lilian Stolk. Manifest by Superflux. Editorials on Frozen Knowledge; Living Furniture.

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