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Save the Humans! Poster Set 10-pc

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Smartphones, healthcare robots, wearable computers and self-driving cars. They are arriving or already exist. We are becoming increasingly intimate with the machines that constantly count, control and watch the way we live.

How can the growing world population of more than 7 billion people create a humane life for everyone? Let’s find the errors and the holes in the technosphere that will give us space for free and creative thinking. What’s at stake here is the remains of human agency. Let’s use the brain pixels that are not taken yet. And Save the Humans!

These colourful designed posters feature quotes by thinkers in the fields of art, science and technology, shows us the condition of the free mind of creative people in the 21st century.

It will color your house, class room or office and stimulates the viewer in an accessible and open, yet critical way, to ponder on and reflect about what the changes mean for our lives.

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