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Swipe is a book about you and your phone. Your phone is like a body part, if you leave it somewhere you feel incomplete. You now communicate more with your smartphone than with your loved ones. The smartphone is the mirror you hold up to yourself.

Swipe is a book full of photos, tips, ideas and critical notes about the impact of the smartphone and how it changes our lives.

Mieke Gerritzen is a designer, producer, and administrator. Until 2017 she was the Director of Museum of the Image, MOTI in Breda. She then founded the Image Society. She initiates and organizes debates, exhibitions, and events with designers, artists, and authors about image culture, design and new media. There are more than 10 books to her name. Since 2022 Gerritzen works as creative lead for Next Nature.

Ieva Jakusa is an independent designer specializing in creative direction. Her interest lies in technology and human interaction. Throughout her multidisciplinary approach, she focuses on creative strategy and how to capture and re-frame what is already there. Ieva is an alumnus of Design Academy Eindhoven and has participated in such events as Dutch Design Week, Salon de Mobile, and several group exhibitions.

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