As a kid, I used to play around with toy animals made of plastic. You could stuff them and store other toys in their stomachs. Now living cows like the one in this movie start looking like my toy cows. A walking container of— yeah, a container of what? The faeces in this cows guts is a distasteful semi-finished product, nothing to be associated with a fresh glass of milk, or a good grilled biece of beef on your plate. The trick is in my observation of the cow: While watching this interesting video, I caught myself wondering when the moment would arrive we could get our bottles of milk 'straight from the cow' and have a natural experience of drinking milk again. I have to think about this for a while, so maybe I'll write something about this later. Now I have some empty bottles to bring to the glass barge.

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    I've heard about this project before, just never seen it on video. Don't speak that language, but I figure the scientist is saying something like: "No, the cow doesn't feel anything, it's completely harmless." etc. Nevertheless many aspects of this experiment disgust me. But disgusting-the-audience could never have been the scientists goal (otherwise I would love to install a 'see-through-hole' in their own stomach some day). I think it is important to realise this cow is made like this for educational purposes. But then there is something wrong about putting a movie like this on the internet; without some discription of what is going on here or what science needed this experiment for (and I don't mean the man demonstrating his project or HendrikJan wondering about getting bottles of milk straight from the cow). I -for one- would be very interested in some test-results of experiments with this "semi-finished product" or in students testimonials on how they've learned from this cow, etc. Now it's just a video that has entertaining values.

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