Biomimicmarketing wars: While the WWF has worked for years to market the Panda as a vulnerable, cute and cuddly animal, the Egyptian cheese brand Panda needs only five commercials to turn the image of the panda into that of a crude, violent, intolerable beast.

We would call the readers of this blog with first hand experiences of Panda's, to report which 'Panda image' is the correct one, however we anticipate not many readers ever encountered a panda in real life, no? Zoo's don't count!

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  • I read a few months ago about some guy getting mauled by a panda because he climbed into the enclosure so that he could give it a hug.

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  • Great commercials. Rather remind me of the Aussie "drop bears".

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  • Nice to see that this commercial is funny just because the WWF has promoted it as sweet and cuddly. What other brands would be fun to experiment with and change the meaning of their logo?

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