Original pieces of polar ice will be sold in a shop in Amsterdam from this Friday the 25th. MyPolarIce is a venture led by Coralie Vogelaar and Teun Castelein. They went to the northern part of Greenland to harvest some of the finest polar ice still available. The pieces of ice were extracted from the Sermeq Kujalleg glacier, and were put on transport to Amsterdam

Starting from November 26th till December 5th your are invited to get your piece. It is the chance of a lifetime to obtain a frozen relic from the last ice age.

A piece of polar ice will cost 24.95 euros, but if the stock rapidly diminish prices may rise. A fixed amount of 1000 pieces is for sale, each numbered and a certificate of authenticity is attached. The pieces are packed in special capsule-shaped containers. This packaging ensures that the ice remains frozen up to three hours outside a freezer.

The goal of MyPolarIce is to sell the pieces to people that cherish and preserve it, to let the ice hybernate in the freezer for better times to come. Like a piece of Berlin Wall reminds of a past era in history, would a piece of polar ice in your fridge remind you – in some future – of the period in the geological history of the earth, when we still had the ice caps? This project leaves room for the argument that we maybe should update our five strategies of biomimicmarketing with a sixth strategy: the presentation and exploitation of nature as a scarce commodity.

MyPolarIce store

From 27 November till 5 December.

Museum square, next to the pond

Opening 26 November at 17:00


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  • Apparently others are doing this as well in a less artistic fashion: http://www.sprout.nl/1/8665/home/iceberg-canada.html (thanks for the tip Bruno)

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  • Ah, so in order to save the already scarce icecaps, we turn it into to high-end design/marketing/fashion statement? Since when is the excuse of 'being an artist' enough to travel to the poles, steal ice and sell it? I mean, the thought experiment is enough, as an artist you don't actually have to do this.

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