Are we creating the penicillin or the asbestos of the 21st century? Prior to the arrival of the Nano Supermarket, we share some speculative nanotech products with you. Here’s the first in the Nano Supermarket Products series: Pharmaceutical Sushi. Taking medicine becomes a social activity. And it tastes pretty good!

Hello young (wo)man

If you’re in your thirties now, you’re in your fifties by fifteen years. Your life will probably be slightly different than your life as it is now. You might be married, or have some kids going to university. Either way, let’s not speculate too much about that. Instead, let’s stick to something that will undoubtedly be different by that time – your body: your hair has gone slightly thinner and a bit grey, playing football on sundays isn’t that spectacular anymore due to physical constraints and your health in general isn’t wat it used to be.

Bad news for you, because the public health system as existed in some civilised parts of the world around 2010 is gone and won’t come back. Coming from a middle class background you where not very alert on keeping up with all the rapid changes within the public health system and the insurance world, thinking you’ll be allright. Barack Obama, president of the U.S.A from 2009 untill 2013 didn’t get the reformation of the public health system in the U.S.A. through congress and from then, thinks started to worsen in all parts of the world struggling with the financial crises of 2008 and 2013.

Bèta Medicine

So there you are. It’s 2025; cancer is still the no.1 disease to fear, not only in the western world but also in Asia and sub-saharan Africa, your first friends suffer from incontinentia, you start to get a little bit nervous and you’re dramatically under-insured. Now what to do? Your insurance company has the answer. In a letter you receive, your insurance agent makes you a special offer to sign up for a new range of organic medicine, grown in genetically modified fish. The medicine is harvested as fish-eggs and ready for consumption – Pharmaceutical Sushi. However still in bèta, it comes in all variations: Prednison, Prozac, Anticonception, Viagra, Vitamins – anything you or your family members need. Of course you accept the offer. Together with your insurance agent you select a nice family package deal with the pharmaceutical industry mogul in Asia that developed the concept and you sign the life-long contract. Which gets you some extra discount, and a 24-carat lipstick as a bonus.

Your sunday afternoon pharmasushi family lunches are no stand alones. Over the past decade, you’ve witnessed an increasing hybridization of food, technology and medicine. With your chopsticks (that display your calorie consumption by changing color) you pick the last Vitamine ABC Sashimi. Tomorrow it’s monday and you have to go to the office again. Quickly, you take a sip of your Chocolate Flavoured Nano Slim Shake. All set and done.





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  • Great design. It appears to me that pharmaceutical food will be the first nano-product to actually hit the shelves--our over-reliance on medicine and health gadgets comfortably disguised in a "natural" "packaging".

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