At the 2011 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, a photograph of a flesh-and-blood woman advertises a RealDoll, the life-sized sex mannequin made for people with a fetish for the uncanny valley.   This image is a strange mix of the next natural phenomena 'people becoming products' and 'products becoming people.'  The woman in the advertisement has been photoshopped to perfection, valuable and desirable precisely because she is a product.  The doll, in contrast, is valuable and desirable because she is a person, or at least a convincing simulacrum of one.  Is the doll meant be like the woman, or is the woman meant to be like the doll?  There's certainly a metaphor being boomeranged here, but I'm stumped as to which direction it's flying.  Peculiar image of the week.

Image via 88 Miles West.

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  • Not the first time, that I am more attracted to the image than to the product:

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  • This is funny image of the week.

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