Some years ago we studied the heritage of Coca Cola as a health drink and presented a fictional product called Organic Coke. Back in 2008 this was merely a speculative design, created to stir a discussion on the use of natural imagery to market products.

As many people liked the idea of Organic Coke it obtained a certain presence & visibility on the Internet. Apparently some people at the Coca Cola company are now considering to actually bring Organic Coke to the market. At least, if this internal 'Situation Analysis Report' is genuine.

Be Brave, Be Optimistic, Be Different, Be Young, Take care of your BODY, Drink Organic Coke. Admittedly that slogan still needs some work, yet it would certainly be to our delight to see the green cans appearing in the supermarket. Yes, I still want my Organic Coke!

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  • Wishful thinking, guys! I am sure that the "organic idea" is floating around at Coca-Cola, but this presentation you attached here is NOT part of this. It more looks like a student project, and not the best one in this case. It basically rips of your idea and throws in some fancy analysis tools without really using them. A real CC presentation would be on a corporate PPT theme, use Nielson research instead of wikipedia, and it also would be top secret.

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  • As an avid Coca-Cola drinker I am very intrigued.

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  • COLAganic-Coca-Cola for a new generation!

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  • Typically middle-management I would say? Any how I liked seeing my organic coke can design in their presentation.

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  • I couldn`t find any credits given to the Next Nature Foundation or You in this Presentation of the new "Organic-Coke" Idea & Design, although the "strong brand name" is their main SWOT- Argument? ...and also some phrases in the Analysis seem to be directly taken from the NN Article.

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