A few years ago, there was a brief trend of barcode wrist tattoos, which seemed to imply that the human body was just another product to be bought. With this photo, the artist Eddie Lin makes this question explicit. Did he really print QR codes on his skin? We don't know. However, his work positions humans as consumer products, and puts work at the center of our lives. In this vision, we are defined by our business cards. It's a scary idea to think that we might be sorted and tattooed like animals, but if you think about it, we're all already on record.

Via Fubiz.

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  • Taking into consideration that this is art. It s good way to provoke reaction. However, it is surprising the number of this signal appearing recently about the lose of privacy and becoming a product. This week alone I came across this april fool (http://www.shifteast.com/jobless-japanese-grads-retiring-in-their-20s/) showing japanese giving themselves into slavery to a company and you probably all heard about google glass and ubiquitous recording. This definitely show a clear trend, which is only being address by artist. Dunne & Raby were so true with the faraday chair in 1997 !

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