In the 18th century French philosopher Voltaire said “God created the world, but the Dutch created The Netherlands”. Ever since, we have been doing everything we can, to live up to his statement; as illustrated by this series of pictures by photographer Jacob Gesink shot in various Dutch cities.

“In cities, vegetation isn't called nature, it's called 'green space'” Gesink explains.

“The trees, bushes and plants in a city environment have been carefully planned and arranged, in a way that they became similar in form to the buildings that surround them. The tree-formations became statues to celebrate human manufacturability. This warrens the question; who controls public space? Shouldn't public space be a shared responsibility of everyone? We can travel through it, we can enjoy what's there, but we may not shape it to our own liking.

We are -like the trees in formation- allowed very little movement towards the space that belongs to no one.”

Can we still consider the manufactured green of our cities as real nature?

urbangreen_01 urbangreen_03 urbangreen_04-copy urbangreen_05-copy urbangreen_09-copyPictures: Urban Green

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