The next wave of wearable technology will bring tiny digital tattoos decked out with small sensors. UnderSkin, by San Francisco based company New Deal Design, is a flat pentagonal device that would be implanted just beneath the skin on your hand and charge off your body’s energy.

Its impact in the way we behave and relate to each other could be huge:

“Because it lives within you it acquires your history. As you meet people and exchange information, it becomes a paper trail for yourself,” says Jaeha Yoo, who leads experience design at New Deal Design.

“This device could also represent a relationship, so when I hold my wife’s hand it reflects that I’m connected to her. Or when I shake a hand, or give someone a high five, it could understand relationships with other people. It becomes something that understands who you are. It becomes kind of a microcosm of you.”

As our life is increasingly regulated by electronics and there is a drive towards the miniaturization and portability of devices on and around the body, it seems logical that the future of wearable technology will take place directly under our skin.

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