Today we introduce the Queen Bee Drone, a regal character of our coloring book, What’s flying there?The Queen Bee Drone leads and takes care of her swarm. She is designed to look just like a regular bee, but she is programmed to solve the "emergencies" of our time.

Queens just don't seem as long-lived and fecund as they used to be and the consequence is a collapse in the colony. The Queen Bee Drone is able to regulate this issue, it camouflages in the bee colony and helps the insects to recover after years of disorders and collapses. Honey has never tasted so good, its future seemed doomed but it is now safer and more prosperous than ever!

You can find the Queen Bee Drone and many other good drones in What’s flying there?, the coloring book that opens up new perspectives for drones positive applications in the human habitat.

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