We like to share our achievements and happiness with the world. For many couples, the engagement moment is especially worth sharing. The Internet is crawling with proposal videos, and probably many more will come. The purpose and context of the marriage proposal seem to be shifting from a private moment to a public spectacle to catch on camera.

Often using the element of surprise, the proposer has only one (sincere) shot to eternalize the reaction of the spouse-to-be. A company called Rokshok cleverly responded to these new values.

Using the phone case while filming, the ring is always in sight, as well as the person responding to the proposal. An easy and effective solution for those who want to be sure to catch that moment to share with friends. Another plus might be that there's no tiny box to be found by your partner to spoil the surprise. Although, a super-thick phone case might give something away.

Video via YouTube

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