Each year we search the globe for people and projects that have outstandingly contributed to make this planet a more sustainable place and honor them with our ECO Coin Award. We search for people working on projects that are community driven, use nature and technology in an innovative way, and share their knowledge with others.

This year we were flooded with nominations after an open call on our website. Scientists protecting the marine environment with microalgae production and artificial reefs, engineers creating new plastic alternative materials and researchers using drones to monitor the health of our urban trees.

However when the jury looked through all our applications one stood out for her ability to reimagine the energy sector into new forms and objects that can help us to understand and harness the almost abundant solar energy that surrounds us. As a solar designer her approach is to collaboratively work across many disciplines be it with scientist, engineers or institutions to research and create tangible visions of extreme energy efficiency through intelligent design.

Whether it’s her ability to integrated solar panels into stain glass windows and tables with her “Current Window” and Current Table” or capture solar energy to maintain the indoor climate of an indoor agricultural “Power Plant” to grow food year round, her designs harmonize nature and technology. This work is shared openly with the world so others can dream and build upon an emerging solar revolution.

This years ECO Coin Award winner is Marjan van Aubel.

Normally we would find a moment to physically handover the coin, but the lockdown unfortunately compromised that plan. We therefore 'picked up our screens' and found a moment for a physically distant chat with Van Aubel.

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