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The Economy of Ecology

Lewis Just
January 6th 2017
What if we could redesign the system to work for humanity and the planet we call home? What would the economy of ecology look like?

Your Data Is Worth More Than You Think

Lewis Just
November 19th 2016
How valuable are your data?

Solar Energy: the Hottest New Currency

Lewis Just
September 22nd 2016
Energy-backed money could help transition humanity to a more sustainable world, both environmentally and economically.

Time Is a Universal Currency

Lewis Just
July 1st 2016
The principle behind a time based currency is usually very simple: one hour of work equals a unit of time.

Legally Stealing $60Million of Cryptocurrency

Lewis Just
June 25th 2016
All it takes to steal $60million worth of cryptocurreny is to create a child DAO. Sounds too good to be true...

Bodily Currencies: Blood, Sweat and Tears

Lewis Just
June 8th 2016
Welcome to the access and experience economy. Currency: sweat, blood and action.

Getting Wasted on Plastics

Lewis Just
May 27th 2016
A new community currency that rewards recyclers with local discounts and deals.

Rating the Reputation Economy

Lewis Just
May 17th 2016
Our online reputation is becoming a valuable currency that is hard to earn and easy to lose.

A Cryptocurrency Helping to Cure Cancer

Lewis Just
May 4th 2016
Part two of a ten part series exploring the design of an invisible technology: money.

How Rare Is Virtual Gold?

Lewis Just
April 26th 2016
Part one of a ten part series exploring the design of an invisible technology: money.
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