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Sophia the Robot has a sister: Little Sophia

Ruben Baart
February 7th 2019

Robot Sophia is pretty much the international face of the ‘modern robot’. Sophia is the Audrey Hepburn-inspired humanoid robot who stands out for multiple reasons. She is the first robot granted human citizenship (in Saudi Arabia) and has met up with more politicians and celebrities than one would meet in a lifetime. Sophia is advanced, yet not very portable and expensive.

Now the superstar robot has a little sister: Little Sophia, an educational companion for ages 7-13 getting kids excited …

People are less likely to turn a robot off if it asks them not to

Tristan Greene
October 5th 2018

A team of German researchers published a study earlier this week indicating people can be duped into leaving a robot turned on just because it “asks” them to. The problem is called personification and it could cause our species some problems as machines become more integrated into our society.…

Sophia: World’s First Robot with a Citizenship

Jack Caulfield
December 6th 2017
Sophia the Humanoid, a human-like robot in appearance and mannerisms, was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia and became the first robot with citizenship.

Robotic Pillow Breathes to Help You Sleep

Charlotte Kuijpers
November 22nd 2017
A smart, huggable bed partner, who also improves your sleep quality. Sounds great, right? Soon, you might be able to order one yourself: Somnox is a soft robotic pillow that gently breathes as you hold it.

Intimate Technology S01E06: Also, the Dichotomy of Pragmatism and Perversion

November 14th 2017
Do we treat our technologies with more care and sentimentality these days than we did in the past?

Intimate Technology S01E03: A iReal

October 24th 2017
What if your devices had a life of their own? Guy Farber’s playful short movie "An iReal" explores this very possibility.

The Human Smart Home Assistant

Charlotte Kuijpers
September 29th 2017
Artist Lauren McCarthy launched a project called LAUREN in which she embodies a eponymous human smart home assistant.

Virtual Baby Acts and Looks Impossibly Real

Charlotte Kuijpers
September 26th 2017
A rosy-cheeked kid learns her first words, cries when her babysitter leaves, smiles when she’s happy, but she’s not real. BabyX is an AI research-in-progress by a company named Soul Machines.

Preventive Punishment for Robots

Elle Zhan Wei
August 22nd 2017
The Punishment is an installation featuring a robotic arm that mimics a kid's handwriting perfectly, and repetitively writes "I must not hurt humans".

Barbie Becomes a Hologram of Herself

Julie Reindl
March 2nd 2017
Barbie has been turned into a hologram version of herself and will now be your kids assistend.
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