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AI Song Contest: The show must go on!

April 3rd 2020

The spread of the coronavirus has led to the cancellation or postponement of many events around the globe. Luckily there are still events we can look forward to, such as the AI Song Contest, which will take place from 10 April. Move over Duncan! The next major Eurovision artist may just be a computer.

Can AI help compose a song that is just as successful as last year’s hit by Duncan Laurence?

In the AI Song Contest, teams of musicians, …

Next Generation: AI meets human creativity in Sofia Crespo’s Neural Zoo

Freya Hutchings
February 11th 2020

This story is part of Next Generation, a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Would you like to see your work here? Get in touch and plot your coordinates as we navigate our future together.

Sofia Crespo is a Berlin-based digital artist and recent Applied Computer Science graduate. She uses machine learning techniques to create unnatural images of nature. With an interest in the workings of the human brain, Crespo looks at the similarities between techniques …

Five ways AI could make your car as smart as a human passenger

Max Eiza
January 6th 2020

Driving long distances without a passenger can be lonely. If you’ve ever done it, you might have wished for a companion to talk to – someone emotionally intelligent who can understand you and help you on the road. The disembodied voice of SatNav helps to fill the monotonous silence, but it can’t hold a conversation or keep you safe.

Research on driverless cars is well underway, but less is heard about the work being done to make cars a smart …

It could be time to start thinking about a cybernetic Bill of Rights

Mike Ryder
January 6th 2020

Like it or loathe it, the robot revolution is now well underway and the futures described by writers such as Isaac Asimov, Frederik Pohl and Philip K. Dick are fast turning from science fiction into science fact. But should robots have rights? And will humanity ever reach a point where human and machine are treated the same?

At the heart of the debate is that most fundamental question: what does it mean to be human? Intuitively, we all think we …

Explore your relationship with AI in this exhibition

December 12th 2019

What makes us human? And why do we sometimes fear artificial intelligence? And what about technological singularity - the moment in time when artificial intelligence outperforms human intelligence? The increasing yet often invisible implementation of AI in our daily life (think voice assistant and deep-learning algorithms) causes more questions than answers. Should we be defensive or welcome this new technology as part of our human evolution?

The exhibition AI: More than Human (now at Forum in Groningen—previously at the Barbican …

Truly smart homes could help dementia patients live independently

Dorothy Monekosso
October 28th 2019

You might already have what’s often called a “smart home”, with your lights or music connected to voice-controlled technology such as Alexa or Siri. But when researchers talk about smart homes, we usually mean technologies that use artificial intelligence to learn your habits and automatically adjust your home in response to them. Perhaps the most obvious example of this are thermostats that learn when you are likely to be home and what temperature you prefer, and adjust themselves accordingly without …

AI creates images of delicious food that doesn’t exist

Tristan Greene
January 13th 2019

A team of researchers from Tel-Aviv University developed a neural network capable of reading a recipe and generating an image of what the finished, cooked product would look like. As if DeepFakes weren’t bad enough, now we can’t be sure the delicious food we see online is real.

The Tel-Aviv team, consisting of researchers Ori Bar El, Ori Licht, and Netanel Yosephian created their AI using a modified version of a generative adversarial network (GAN) called StackGAN V2 and 52K …

Future AI may hallucinate and get depressed — just like the rest of us

Tristan Greene
April 23rd 2018

Scientists believe the introduction of a hormone-like system, such as the one found in the human brain, could give AI the ability to reason and make decisions like people do. Recent research indicates human emotion, to a certain extent, is the byproduct of learning. And that means machines may have to risk depression or worse if they ever want to think or feel.…

An AI Is Writing the Next “Game of Thrones”

Jack Caulfield
November 17th 2017
One fan has become so impatient for the conclusion to "Game of Thrones", he's programmed an AI to write it for him. Move over, George R.R. Martin!

How to Fool a Neural Network

Jack Caulfield
November 16th 2017
A neural network helps computers with image recognition. It is usually tough to fool. But one group of researchers has found a way to reliably trick it.
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