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How AI is reshaping electronic music

Linda Valenta
September 12th 2019

The idea that AI can compose electronic music may sound a little off to people. It raises essential questions about creativity as a product exclusive to humans: can an AI be creative? Can it be musical? Can it compete with human-made melodies? Does it need to?

More and more, AI has set foot in the realm of creative industries. From an AI writing the next GoT book to IBM’s Watson creating a trailer for a non-exisent sci-fi thriller. And that’s …

The New Technology in Agriculture: Trees

Jack Caulfield
January 15th 2018
New technologies are changing the landscape, but the latest trend reshaping rural environments and agriculture is agroforestry: the art of planting trees.

Next Nature Habitat VR Wins Sweden VR Award

September 13th 2017
Our Next Nature Habitat VR experience has won the Sweden International Virtual Reality Award in the category Best 360 Video!

Supermarkets Are Our New Savannah, Especially During Natural Disasters

Megan Ray Nichols
September 11th 2017
Before a natural disaster hordes of people crowd in supermarkets and fight over the last supplies. It mirrors the savannah with cliques and groups trying to get the available food, water or shelter.

Greetings from the Ciptagelar Village

August 16th 2017
A series of photographs from the Ciptagelar village in West Java, Indonesia.

Fellow Day 2017: Next Habitat

Ruben Baart
July 4th 2017
Last week, our NNN fellows gathered to discuss the Next Habitat; how will we work in the future? And how does this affect our personal lives?

Interview: Lining Yao, Interaction Designer and Maker of Novel Materials

Alessia Andreotti
June 29th 2017
We recently interviewed Lining Yao, Chinese interaction designer who uses organic materials as a technology that brings us back to nature.

Priests Bless Server Rooms

Ruben Baart
May 22nd 2017
Sanctifying servers with knowledge and power from digital demons.

Animal Guided Mediation

Elle Zhan Wei
February 21st 2017
Animal Meditation uses meditation guiding sounds to to enable user to feel as if he is an animal.

The Digital Mythology of… Super Mario

Daniel Fraga
February 13th 2017
Mythology still surrounds us, we just relate to it differently. Games and movies have replaced pantheons and folk tales. Fairies and gnomes left the forests and the rivers and moved to virtual realities.
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