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How animal filters unmask the estranged relation to our wild self

Meike Schipper
November 6th 2018

Would you like a dog snout, cat eyes or fluffy bunny ears? The choice is yours. Virtual selfie filters have become a widespread phenomenon on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. But what kind of self do these animal filters show us?…

The bananaphone, part deux

Kelly Streekstra
March 15th 2018

Feeding our decades old bananaphone kidsplay, Nokia just reintroduced their banana phone. Once again, this shows that Nature is the most successful product of our time. We call this phenomenon Bio-mimic-marketing: using images of nature to market a product. Peculiar image of the week.…

Beatles Zebra Crossing

Van Mensvoort
November 10th 2017
Realize it's metaphors we live by.

Air Purifying Billboards

Ruben Baart
April 5th 2017
These blue eco-boards are turning California a bit greener.

Protect Your Phone With a Watermelon

Ruben Baart
March 29th 2017
Watermelons are the new phone cases?

How a Hummingbird Creates Green Energy

Michelle Guenne
February 14th 2017
A start-up company build a wind turbine inspired by the hummingbird.

Recharge! Sun for Your Brain Cells

Julie Reindl
January 12th 2017
A gadget called HumanCharger promises "the sun in your pocket" to give you energy, by beaming light through your ears.

Pandas Crossing the Sky

Alejandro Alvarez
January 11th 2017
China is famous for its Panda bear reserves and breeding centers, so riding one the work just seems the most natural thing to do.

Next Nature Gift Guide 2016

December 8th 2016
Here is a the Next Nature gift Guide 2016.

Animal Fauxtography

Alejandro Alvarez
November 3rd 2016
Fake photography, or fauxtography, has been around since the invention of cameras and nature is one of the most popular subjects of dishonest photographers.
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