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This brain-controlled exoskeleton allows a paralyzed man to walk again

Freya Hutchings
October 7th 2019

A breakthrough technology that responds to signals from the brain has transformed the life of a paralyzed 28-year-old man called Thibault. Four years after the initial incident that paralysed him, Thibault is walking again. Thanks to a combination of revolutionary technology and immense brain power, he is able to operate a full-body exoskeleton.

“When you are in my position, when you can’t do anything with your body […] I wanted to do something with my brain,” Thibault said.

This is …

The age of cyborgs has arrived

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
October 31st 2018

How many cyborgs did you see during your morning commute today? I would guess at least five. Did they make you nervous? Probably not; you likely didn’t even realize they were there.…

If you could have another sense, which sense would you choose?

Meike Schipper
June 26th 2018

Color-blind artist Neil Harbisson designed a brain-implanted antenna that converts colors into sound. This enables him to hear colors he cannot see, and extends his vision to ultraviolets and infrareds. As technology is rapidly advancing, and the boundaries between the body and technology are blurred and ambiguous, it seems plausible that humans will use technologies not only to enhance, but also to extend their physical capabilities. …

Smart Ring Turns Thumb Gestures into Words and Numbers

Belen Munoz
January 22nd 2018
From the Georgia Institute of Technology arrives FingerSound, a smart ring that recognizes thumb gestures and converts them into words and numbers.

Hire a Smart Robot

Daniel Fraga
October 25th 2017
What if your co-worker was a robot? Dutch startup Smart Robotics is a job agency for robots that allows you to hire a smart-robot.

Add-on Body Parts: Bionic Thumb

Charlotte Kuijpers
September 20th 2017
Royal College of Art graduate Dani Clode reframed prosthetics as extensions of the body, rather than replacements for missing parts.

Jobs for Entrepreneurs – Robots at Work #4

Mathilde Nakken
March 3rd 2017
This is post number four of our serie 'Robots at Work'. In this episode we present you five jobs for entrepreneurs, the ones who love doing big business.

Personhood Status for Robots

Julie Reindl
February 11th 2017
An "electronic personhood" for robots has been discussed in the European Parliament recently, raising big questions about equality, citizenship, legal and ironically, human rights for artificial intelligent machines.

Sexy Cyborg Sports Her Prosthetic Limb

Van Mensvoort
January 8th 2017
The Brazilian model Paola Antonini uses her Instagram to show off her prosthetic limb.

Explore Depths from Your Chair

Mathilde Nakken
January 7th 2017
To explore deep sea Standfort University developed OceanOne: a humanoid diving robot, which at the same time creates a simulation of the underwater experience on land.
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