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Is eSports really sport?

Jack Caulfield
March 22nd 2018
eSports is the huge industry that’s growing up around competitive online gaming. Let’s take a look at how this cyberpunk sporting world came to be.

Skyscraper Fails to Load Its Textures

Jack Caulfield
December 21st 2017
In New York, observant residents were surprised to see a skyscraper that looked like it was struggling to load its textures.

Online Ads in Offline Locations

Ruben Baart
November 15th 2017

Ever stood in front of a mountain and wondered which other mountains you might like after seeing this one? No? Well, it's what we do everyday. London-based artist duo Scott Kelly and Ben Polkinghorne are exploring decision-making processes in the age of Amazon to algorithmically recommend landscapes.…

Ad Blockers Go Real Life

Van Mensvoort
November 3rd 2017
The Brand Killer augmented reality headset boomerangs ad blocking into the physical realm.

The Human Smart Home Assistant

Charlotte Kuijpers
September 29th 2017
Artist Lauren McCarthy launched a project called LAUREN in which she embodies a eponymous human smart home assistant.

DNA Hacking: Catch a Computer Virus

Jack Caulfield
September 21st 2017
We know how it feels to catch a cold; how might it feel to catch malware?

Meet the Emoji Snake

Julie Reindl
April 4th 2017
Python breeder designed emoji snake.

Anime Characters at Your Service

Alejandro Alvarez
January 2nd 2017
Take a look at this video to get an idea of what life with a virtual anime assistant would look like.

Fiction to Reality: Invented Traditions

Alejandro Alvarez
September 30th 2016
It’s true that mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead dressing as skeletons and setting shrines to death, but the carnivalesque parade with giant puppets was a surprise to every local who watched the movie.

Flip-Flop Selfie

Mathilde Nakken
September 26th 2016
These two boys use the nap of their flip-flop as a camera to take an imaginary selfie. Still, their selfie went viral and it became our peculiar image of the week.
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