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How future fashion could help us cope with isolation

Ruben Baart
April 29th 2020

Today we cannot meet, touch or hug our loved ones. And while we all like the feeling of the touch of another human being, physical contact does not just feel nice, it is crucial for our health, too. Touch is the first of the senses to develop in the human infant, and it remains perhaps the most emotionally central throughout our lives. It also provides its own language of compassion, a language that is essential to what it means to …

Can technology be humane?

April 30th 2019

We must be mindful about how we engage with technology: what we use it for, why, and whether it helps us or hinders us. Sometimes our tech seems to be flowing in inhumane directions, and it feels beyond our power to redirect it. But humankind dams rivers, and alters the landscape in countless other radical ways: As we can redirect our technological growth—then why shouldn’t we direct it towards humans? 

Recently our Next Nature Fellows—people from different disciplines working in and around …

The path towards solar democracy with Marjan van Aubel

Meike Schipper
April 25th 2019

Solar cells are often considered an eyesore, used for their sustainability yet not for their beauty. Installed on roofs or in solar parks, they take up precious space. Well that’s about it to change if it’s up to solar designer Marjan van Aubel. With her innovative take on this intriguing technology, her goal is to turn solar cells into real objects of desire.

Marjan welcomes us in her surprisingly dark studio in the basement of a floating studio building. We …

Next Nature Gift Guide 2018

December 19th 2018

The season of giving has come and to make sure you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones we have brought together a collection of Next Nature inspired goodies. Whether you need ideas for the office geek or your aunt from outer space: the Next Nature Gift Guide 2018 has you covered.

For the data-driven Meditator: Muse

We all know someone who could use a little help to relax. Muse translates your mental activity into the guiding sounds …

Why in the future, we will all wear one piece of garment

Ruben Baart
December 7th 2018

It's not an easy task to define the practice of designer Jasna Rok. Fashtech pioneer? Radical innovator? Visionary designer? ‘All of the above’ seems only appropriate. In fact, Jasna founded the first FashionTech design studio in Belgium, where she combines innovative technologies with interactive fashion and roams the planet to share her vision to disrupt the current fashion industry, but she doesn’t stop at fashion, the redefining of other traditional industries through the future of fashion and technonlogy is her …

In conversation with Teresa van Dongen, biodesigner exploring natural forms of artificial light

Kelly Streekstra
March 9th 2018

There was a time when flipping the switch, and seeing a glass bulb light up, was magical to anyone in the world. Today, the presence of a light switch in a room, is something intuitive, and perhaps even taken for granted. We spoke with Dutch designer Teresa van Dongen, who uses living organisms to power her lights. Having such a ‘living lamp’, means you’ll be taking care of small ecosystems of bacteria. In exchange, they will give you light.…

A phone that says “no” to little kid fingers

Rachel Metz
February 14th 2018

It may soon be possible for your phone to automatically figure out whether it’s you or your five-year-old who’s swiping the screen—and, if it’s the latter, block apps you want to keep off-limits to kids.…

Robotic Pillow Breathes to Help You Sleep

Charlotte Kuijpers
November 22nd 2017
A smart, huggable bed partner, who also improves your sleep quality. Sounds great, right? Soon, you might be able to order one yourself: Somnox is a soft robotic pillow that gently breathes as you hold it.

Animal Guided Mediation

Elle Zhan Wei
February 21st 2017
Animal Meditation uses meditation guiding sounds to to enable user to feel as if he is an animal.

Using Nanobots to Treat Depression

Alejandro Alvarez
September 22nd 2016
A team of scientists has developed a way to deliver drugs into our body using nanobots as vehicles and our toughts as controllers.
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