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On the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality

Ruben Baart
May 1st 2020

Let’s talk about the most controversial of "m words"—monogamy. And let’s have this conversation with in mind its prehistoric origins. Our modern picture of prehistoric societies may look a lot like The Flintstones, where the narrative goes as follows: we’ve always lived in nuclear families. Men have always gone out to work or hunt and women stayed at home to look after the house and the children. Throw in a dinosaur and there’s your family. Yabadabadoo right? Wrong!

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AI Defeats Human at Go

Ruben Baart
May 30th 2017
Go world champion Ke Jie has lost two games of 'Go' against Google's DeepMind AI system AlphaGo.

Razorius Gilletus Flexball Subspecies

Van Mensvoort
May 20th 2014
The latest subspecies in the Razorius line is the Razorius Gilletus Flexball. While Gillete proclaims they reinvented shaving, others argue Gillette's new razor is everything that's wrong with America.

Razorius Gilletus Gold Plastic

Van Mensvoort
March 3rd 2014
Like the exorbitant feathers of the peacock, which only function is to aesthetically stand out amid its competitors, this new species of Razorius Gilletus only differs from its predecessor aesthetically.

Meet The Tongue Parasite

Van Mensvoort
September 11th 2013
If you're a fish, and want to keep your original tongue, better keep your mouth closed.

Co-Evolving with Technology

Van Mensvoort
April 12th 2013
Looking at this nextnatural comic, our co-evolutionary relationship with technology might need some work.


Van Mensvoort
March 8th 2013
A ship shipping ship, shipping shipping ships.

Evolution of the Chicken

Van Mensvoort
August 4th 2011

From Dinosaur to primitive bird to supermarket discount. Although chickens thrive as a species – in the sense that billions of them roam the earth bio-industry – we doubt if the decision of the chicken-species to involve itself in a co-evolutionary relation with people, was a wise one. Lesson learned: always be very concise on what or who you get into a co-evolutionary relationship with. Chickens have limited abilities in this regard, but people should do better.

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System Animals

Van Mensvoort
April 10th 2011

What animal is so naive to come into this world as a naked and crying infant, completely vulnerable, helpless, and an easy prey for any predator? Newborn lamb or giraffe’s babies can walk within a few hours, but it takes humans years and years to learn to take care of themselves. Yet, despite our physical vulnerability, we’ve proven not only able to survive, but even to dominate the planet. How come?

Unlike other animals, which have specific organs, skills and …