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Brand Logos Translated into Chinese

Yunus Emre Duyar
February 11th 2015
Would you be able to recognize these logos if they were in Chinese?

Corporate Logos Zoology

Alessia Andreotti
June 26th 2014
The biodiversity of corporate “species” is increasing.

Razorius Gilletus Flexball Subspecies

Van Mensvoort
May 20th 2014
The latest subspecies in the Razorius line is the Razorius Gilletus Flexball. While Gillete proclaims they reinvented shaving, others argue Gillette's new razor is everything that's wrong with America.

Top 100 Economies: 37 are Corporations

Van Mensvoort
February 10th 2014
37 of the world’s 100 largest economies are corporations.

Budweiser Cans Water for Storm Victims

Allison Guy
November 9th 2012

In more next natural news from Hurricane Sandy, Anheuser-Busch, parent company of the American beer brand Budweiser, has been canning water for victims of the disaster. The company temporarily converted one of its manufacturing facilities from churning out bland beer to life-giving water.

The result is uncanny: A beer can with the familiar eagle logo of Budweiser, now filled with essential, non-alcoholic water. In a world where corporations often have more power than governments, it is not surprising that in …

Prada Morgana

Van Mensvoort
July 28th 2012
Just image if style would be a primary need.

Featured Page #07: Brand New Worlds

June 29th 2012

During the coming weeks, we will present a selection of our favourite pages from the Next Nature book. This week, after nation branding, the brand nation.

Entering the store or restaurant of a multinational corporation is like entering a country. The locals all wear a national uniform, greet you in the same language, and serve you an ethnic meal. Any nods to local culture – the McArabia, the Croque McDo, the McRice – are insignificant compared to the consistency of …

Huggable Vending Machine

Van Mensvoort
April 24th 2012

Finally a vending machine that doesn't want you money, it wants hugs. Embrace it to get a free can of coke. Might give you rushes of anthropomorphobia too though.

Via The Pop-Up City. Thanks Teun.…

The Evolutionary History of Office Chairs

Allison Guy
March 8th 2012

On the shortlist for the year's strangest book title, Jonathan Olivares' A Taxonomy of Office Chairs charts the "evolution" of chairs from the 1840s to the present day. The author explicitly uses the language of biological classification, opening with a quote from Baudrillard that describes consumer objects as reproducing species. Olivares notes that "I find it ironic and unnerving that our society cherishes, studies and documents the natural world, but keeps little track of the products that make up our predominant reality."

In …

Search Where the Sun don’t Shine

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
January 3rd 2012

You’re spending too much of your time in the sewers of the internet, planning to pigeon-rank your toilet visits or you’re simply feeling lucky? This peculiar shanzhai’d toilet paper might be for you. Made out of 100% virgin pulp, so no trees have died to whipe your behind.…

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