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Genetically engineered plants do it better

January 11th 2019

Welcome to the conversation! Every week, we’ll open up a new conversation among members of the network about next nature topics we've encountered around the globe. We hope Nextnature.net can serve as a thrilling platform for dialogue among our authors, members, and anyone interested in exploring the next nature with us. On behalf of the editorial team, welcome. – Koert van Mensvoort

What happened Genetic engineers in Illinois have designed super-size tobacco plants that grow as much as 40% larger …

What an artificial womb may look like in the future

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
November 1st 2018

Consider this: in the future, artificial wombs could replace incubators as they mimic the natural environment of the female uterus. But what will these devices look like? And how should we respond to such technology if or when it comes knocking at our cultural doors? Now, we are delighted to present our speculative design proposal for an artificial womb in close collaboration with Máxima Medical Centre. Because if not us, then who? …

Your Next Nature guide to Dutch Design Week 2018

Meike Schipper
October 15th 2018

Over time, our bodies, our food and our environment have become more and more subject to design. As designers, we hold the responsibility and have the unique chance to envision the world - in order to decide which future we want. Because if not us, then who?…

Reimagining popular apps with the Pyramid of Technology

Alejandro Alvarez
October 3rd 2018

Today, there's an app for everything. They help us satisfy our cravings, allow us to communicate at all times and make it easier to share special moments. But the dark, cold screens of our smart phones, the de facto platform for these tools, simply don’t resonate with the sensorial aspects of our human needs.…

Take Your Data Selfie

Michelle Guenne
February 24th 2017
Do digital footprints match real life goals?

The Global Subway Map of the Future

Ruben Baart
January 23rd 2017
The Hyperloop will turn the world into a global village.

Rethinking 3D Printing for the Future

Nadine Roestenburg
December 27th 2016
Additivism is a movement that calls for radical rethinking of new technologies, such as 3D printing, the plastification of the world and our human position within it.

Photoshop Hacks Become In Real Life Art

Nadine Roestenburg
December 1st 2016
UV Production House reflects on popular online platforms for maker culture.

Painted by Drones

Ruben Baart
October 10th 2016
German aerial-photography group Cooper Copter is exploring “vandalism 2.0” with drones that throw paint bombs.

Will We Share .thought Files?

Mathilde Nakken
October 10th 2016
With the evolving technique called EEG, electroencephalography, we can measure brain activity and ultimately even read the brain.
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