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‘Play e-dead’ means to avoid being visibly active online

May 22nd 2019

Playing e-dead means to avoid being visibly active online because of not having answered to someone’s message or comment. This is a part of a social media code of conduct; if you haven’t answered to someone’s message or comment, it can only be justified by eleminating the use of social media.

However, it may be offensive if you don’t respond to someone’s message while you continue your daily online activities (which shows that you have plenty of time).

Some people …

‘(Un)postable’ is the quality of being (un)suitable for a post on social media

April 26th 2019

When perceiving the world around us as a potential Instagram post, some thoughts, stories and situations can easily be packed into a tweet or a photo, while others are harder to mould into one. Remember when people were excited about how they would retell their story to friends when they meet? Now they have a chance to share it on the go.

To that end, perceiving life in a 'postable' manner can easily become addictive, as goes for the motivation …

Digital detoxes are a solution looking for a problem

David A Ellis
April 19th 2019

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, many people may have chosen to cut down on their tech use – or even give it up altogether. The growing popularity of such “digital detoxes” is encouraged by a slew of negative findings about the effects of technology use, alongside claims that such action can help reduce stress and help people become more “present” and compassionate.

But frequent use of technology and social media isn’t a problem in itself. Despite reported claims, there’s currently little scientific evidence …

‘Clickvalue’ is the subjective value of someone’s like, retweet or share

February 5th 2019

Although all likes, shares, and retweets come from the same act of clicking, not all of them carry the same value. If you are in love, the most valuable like will be the one from your crush. If you are seeking professional support, the most valuable retweet will come from your renowned colleague.

Unlike the currency of offline life, where every dollar is the same, no matter who it is coming from, the currency of online life consists of clicking …

‘Forcie’ is a selfie that you don’t voluntarily take part in

January 9th 2019

There are many reasons why somebody doesn’t want to take a photo at a certain place in a certain moment or with a certain people and put it online. The reason might be anything from a bad hair day to privacy concerns (yes, there are those who still care about it). But when somebody is a selfie enthusiast no excuse is good enough.…

‘Thrillification’ is thrill about getting notifications

October 8th 2018

Checking for new notifications has become a habit that is hard to resist. For some users of social networks it is a kind of an impulse. When receiving and opening notifications, users of social networks get a hit of dopamine which is released in rewarding situations.

Social networks are now part of our emotional life. Humans are social creatures. We can not survive in solitude. It is well known that communication in the offline life keeps us motivated and active, …

‘e-End’ means removing a person from online life

October 2nd 2018

When two people have a fight it is not really the end until it’s e-end. We finally have a chance to kick somebody out of our lives. People typically remove someone from friends or block them if they had a fight, have broken up or are just annoyed by that person.

Some people decide to block or unfriend their exes on certain social networks as an act of rage but decide to keep them on another so they can check …

‘Overpresent’ means to actively exist both offline and online

September 24th 2018

Physics teaches us that it is not possible to be present at two places at the same time. However, some users of social networks seriously challenge that fact. The amount of content they post really makes it seem like they literally post every moment of their life, but at the same time they do manage to have a life as well (at least according to their posts)!

One could argue that for such a user, posting is the core of …

Gamers are the new athletes: Sports in video games from Pong to VR

Jack Caulfield
June 27th 2018

Sports have always had an important place in human societies, providing entertainment, exercise, and a demonstration of the exceptional things the human body can achieve. But in a world of increasingly blurred lines between physical and virtual activities, what new forms of athletics are coming into existence? Let's look at the games turning sports digital.…

The Dictionary of Online Behavior adds a virtual layer to your vocabulary

Ruben Baart
June 21st 2018

To some extent, it's a chicken-and-egg question: Are you unable to think about things you don't have words for, or do you lack words for them because you don't think about them? For digital natives, the online realms may become more familiar than aspects of the ‘real’ world - and that's where the Dictionary of Online Behavior comes in; a growing library for the avid social media user that you need to know to get by.…

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