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Beyond Biomimicry: A New Urgency

William Myers
January 1st 2019

Designers face an unprecedented urgency to alter their methods and reprioritize their goals to address the accelerating degradation of the environment. This new pressure—intellectual, ethical, and regulatory—demands recognition of the fragility of nature and our responsibility to preserve it for future generations. Under such shifting and intensifying constraints, designers are beginning to go beyond emulation to harness processes observed in the living world, where systems achieve perfect economies of energy and materials.

Within this pursuit, working to achieve enhanced ecological …

#French [Green] DreamTowers

Alec Schellinx
June 18th 2018

FrenchDreamTowers is an eco-friendly high-rise complex imagined by Paris-based architect studio XTU, for the city of Hangzhou in Southern China.

Currently under study, the project is c around XTU’s ‘bio-facade’ technology; that is glass panels coated with a layer of micro-algae. The extra layer of algae will provide natural insulation and further absorbs carbon dioxide while producing oxygen in the process.

In turn, this will contribute to offsetting the environmental impact of the sculptural glass construction. Each tower will host …

Celebrating Dutch Water Protection:
Last Weeks to See ‘Gates of Light’

Kelly Streekstra
January 3rd 2018
If you are in The Netherlands you can explore the latest art project by Studio Roosegaarde and discover the iconic, yet historical value of the Closing Dike.

When Buildings Become Trees

Alec Schellinx
September 8th 2017
What if buildings could become trees? That vision is what Italian architect Stefano Boeri is aiming at with his Vertical Foresting.

Skyscraper Hanging from the Sky

Elle Zhan Wei
March 30th 2017
What if we rethink the system and instead of building from earth to sky, we do it the other way around?

Print Your House in a Day!

Julie Reindl
March 9th 2017
A Russian construction firm prints houses in 24 hours on site with their mobile 3D printer.

Architects, You Better Design Cars!

Alejandro Alvarez
January 18th 2017
Hyundai envisions a future where your smart home is your driverless car, and vice versa.

Future Architecture: Digesting Walls

Mathilde Nakken
November 10th 2016
The University of West England is developing living bricks, turning your walls into a digesting organism.

Welcome to the City Made of Bone

Monika Kozub
October 24th 2016
Our cities are made out of steel and concrete. What if we replace them with wood and bone?

This Robot Builds a House in Two Days

Ruben Baart
August 19th 2016
A Bricklaying Robot builds low-cost houses in just two days.
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