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Towards a global society as a superorganism

Ruben Baart and Britta de Vries
May 12th 2020

Today we hold the ability to gather a lot of knowledge, thanks to science. We are able to watch, analyze, manipulate and change matter to the nano-level. This makes it tempting to think that we are the dominant species on the Earth. And while this is something that most people would agree with, on some level, we don't seem to dominate the Earth now.

Right now, a microorganism is talking back to us. It is telling us to stop, take …

Green roofs improve the urban environment – so why don’t all buildings have them?

Michael Hardman and Nick Davies
October 29th 2019

Rooftops covered with grass, vegetable gardens and lush foliage are now a common sight in many cities around the world. More and more private companies and city authorities are investing in green roofs, drawn to their wide-ranging benefits which include savings on energy costs, mitigating the risk from floods, creating habitats for urban wildlife, tackling air pollution and urban heat and even producing food.

A recent report in the UK suggested that the green roof market there is expanding at …

How this self-sustainable microhome may change the future of housing

Belen Munoz
March 2nd 2018

Looking for a self-sustainable mobile microhome? Ecocapsule got you covered. This cute-as-pie capsule pod allows you to live completely off the grid in a low-energy, mobile dwelling, packed into a compact egg-shaped form. And now, it's finally possible to pre-order one, as the Slovak company has just launched the production of their first series of self-sustainable pods, and we were curious to hear what's next.

Precious Plastic One Year After

April 29th 2017
Help Dave Hakkens build the third version of his Precious Plastic recycling machines!

Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd 2017
Today we celebrate Earth day, here is why.

ECO Coin First Trial at DGTL 2017

April 18th 2017
We had a wonderful first run of the ECO Coin during DGTL festival in Amsterdam.

In Conversation with Yoyo Yogasmana, Winner of the First ECO Coin Award

Ruben Baart
April 9th 2017
Read our conversation with the ECO Coin Award Winner of 2015: Yoyo Yogasmana.

Fighting Plastic Waste Together

February 15th 2017
Eco Coin Award winner Dave Hakkens is upgrading his Precious Plastic recycling machines, and you can help him do it!

Designer Dave Hakkens is putting plastic waste to better use

Ruben Baart
November 11th 2016
We recently handed this year’s ECO Coin Award to Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, founder of the Precious Plastic movement. With his open sourced recycling machines, he provides people around the world the knowledge to start recycling plastic locally.