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The return of Rayfish Footwear?

February 23rd 2018

Rayfish Footwear was a fictional company that offered personalized sneakers crafted from genetically modified stingray leather. This online science fiction story allowed customers to grow and design their own sneaker from a genetically modified fish, to question our (often all too consumptive) relationship with animals. Now, the company fiction is back: Catch Rayfish as part of FAKE at the Science Gallery in Dublin.…

Preventive Punishment for Robots

Elle Zhan Wei
August 22nd 2017
The Punishment is an installation featuring a robotic arm that mimics a kid's handwriting perfectly, and repetitively writes "I must not hurt humans".

Replacing Fireflies with Lasers

Alec Schellinx
August 10th 2017
After mounting criticism from environmentalists, a firefly-themed park in China announced that the glowing bugs will be replaced by lasers.

Orange Petunias Banned in Europe

Julie Reindl
June 13th 2017
GM varieties of petunia are not authorized for cultivation in the EU.

Rent a Rain Room

Elle Zhan Wei
May 24th 2017
Rent a rain room with simulated rain with a motion sensor to go through the rain without getting wet.

New AI Model Can Mimic Any Human Voice

Elle Zhan Wei
May 6th 2017
Lyrebird is an AI model capable of synthesizing anyone’s voice from just a one-minute audio sample.

From Bad Selfie to Perfect Portrait

Ruben Baart
April 13th 2017
Say goodbye to bad selfies with Adobe’s latest AI photo editor.

A Robot Will Spark the Next Avant-Garde

Nadine Roestenburg
March 17th 2017

­­“An illegal theme park exposing the ideology of the aesthetics of hacking”. “A hybrid drone targeting technological domination”. “A psychedelic fridge to raise doubt about fake news”. Do these quotes sound artificial to you? Not so strange, since they are generated by an artificial intelligence. Predictive Art Bot is one of the many tweeting bots on the Internet. It is an algorithm that generates random combinations of recent headlines of online articles and publishes new non-human expressions of potential artistic concepts on Twitter. This …

Your First AI Friend for Life

Elle Zhan Wei
March 7th 2017
Replika is your friend for life. He is 100% AI chatbot that you “raise” by chatting with it.

Explore Depths from Your Chair

Mathilde Nakken
January 7th 2017
To explore deep sea Standfort University developed OceanOne: a humanoid diving robot, which at the same time creates a simulation of the underwater experience on land.
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