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Watch this lifelike robot fish swim through the ocean

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
January 7th 2019

Earth’s oceans are having a rough go of it these days. On top of being the repository for millions of tons of plastic waste, global warming is affecting the oceans and upsetting marine ecosystems in potentially irreversible ways.…

Adding a new dimension to marine restoration: 3D printing coral reefs

David Klinges
September 28th 2018

The local fishermen looked on skeptically. From the deck of a small motorboat, scuba divers grabbed odd chunks of ceramic – which could be described as rocky brains stuck on stumpy stilts – and plunged into the aquamarine waters. The dive team assembled the pieces as a few triggerfish circled around to investigate the commotion. After just two air tanks (about an hour each), they had locked all of the items together into the final product: an artificial coral reef.…

Interview: Designer Shahar Livne is geomimicing the future of plastics

Kelly Streekstra
April 18th 2018

What if plastics one day become a rare commodity that we desire and mine from the depths of the earth’s crust? By that time, plastic would be a rather different material. Shahar Livne offers a fast-forward to this next nature, by artificially geomimicing metamorphisms. She shares with us her speculative material: the “lithoplast”.

The Forgotten Plan to Coat Utah’s Delicate Arch with Plastic

Jack Caulfield
January 29th 2018
Arches National Park, located in Utah, is home to some of America's most beautiful rock formations. The most famous of them, Delicate Arch, has always been, well, pretty delicate. So much so that back in the 1940s, park rangers hatched a plan to preserve the natural monument - by coating it in plastic.

The Age of Rust

Van Mensvoort
October 3rd 2017
Meet the incredible new species "Petramosaurus Cavator" and discover its impact on our planet.

Replacing Fireflies with Lasers

Alec Schellinx
August 10th 2017
After mounting criticism from environmentalists, a firefly-themed park in China announced that the glowing bugs will be replaced by lasers.

Work Remotely in VR Nature

Julie Reindl
June 22nd 2017
Breakroom is a VR app that lets you fill your daily working tasks in a simulated nature surrounding, enhancing productivity and mental balance.

Rent a Rain Room

Elle Zhan Wei
May 24th 2017
Rent a rain room with simulated rain with a motion sensor to go through the rain without getting wet.

Robotic Animal Spies

Ruben Baart
April 24th 2017
BBC is using robotic animal spies to capture wildlife.

Turning Glass Bottles into Sand

Julie Reindl
April 1st 2017
A machine lets drinkers instantly turn their empty beer bottles into sand.
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