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Electronic Gadget Cemetery in Ghana

Yunus Emre Duyar
August 24th 2015
Agbogbloshie is a former wetland that is turned into a slum and now it is full of toxic electronic waste.

How modern sanitation gave us polio

Allison Guy
January 7th 2014

For most of history, poliomyelitis was a relatively unremarkable disease – it caused paralysis and occasionally death, but only in a tiny fraction of those infected. It was essentially unknown in infants and adults, and usually only caused mild symptoms in children. This all changed in the early 1900s, when the disease mysteriously transformed into an epidemic, killing many and maiming many more, even among the supposedly 'protected' populations of adults and babies.

Deadly recurrences of polio became a fact …

Have We Passed “Peak Automobile”?

Jonathon Markowski
October 19th 2013
You’ve heard about peak oil, but what about peak automobile?

Computer Teaches Itself to Play Games

Geert van den Boogaart
June 5th 2013
An algorithm observes human players to learn how to beat Super Mario Bros.

Treating Mental Illness with Video Games

Ken Chen
June 1st 2013
Neurofeedback shows promises in treating a range of mental ailments.

Get Ready for the Arctic to Bloom

Allison Guy
March 20th 2013
In the warming Arctic, an area the size of the US is now covered in vegetation.

Chinese Whisper Challenge Pits Man Against Machine

Jort Band
February 6th 2013
Ever played "telephone" or "chinese whispers" as a kid? Now, you can pit your speech recognition skills against a computer.

Portrait of MAN

Van Mensvoort
January 6th 2013
Amazing short animation by Steve Cuts.

Architect Aims to Build House From Plastic Waste

Van Mensvoort
December 3rd 2012
Interpreting the plastics in the Earths ecosystem as building material rather than as waste.

Jewels from the Ocean

Van Mensvoort
August 5th 2012

Designer and former fashion model Barbara de Vries was cleaning plastic litter off her favorite beach in the Bahamas, when she noticed the plastic fragments were all uniquely tinted and molded after years tumbling in the ocean.  The beauty of the litter inspired her to create a jewelery collection. Diamonds plastics are forever!…

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