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This tiny tooth sensor tracks what you eat, and it could help you be healthier

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
December 28th 2018

The South Beach diet. The Atkins diet. Eating paleo. Cutting out gluten. Going vegan. The list of fad diets and health crazes goes on, yet health statistics in the US and around the world show that most people still don’t know what to eat, or when, or how much.

New research from Tufts University’s engineering school has created a product that may be able to help: a sensor worn on users’ teeth that wirelessly transmits data about food intake to …

A Floating Gym in Paris

Ruben Baart
January 10th 2017
This floating gym harnesses human energy to sail down the Seine River in Paris.

The Next Nature Sneaker Series

Mathilde Nakken
December 14th 2016
We present for the real sneaker heads amongst us, six new futuristic pieces of footwear. Going from pineapple leather to self lacing 'Back to the Future' Nikes.

A Smart Top to Correct Body Posture

Ruben Baart
November 23rd 2016
FysioPal is a smart top made to support and enhance the upper-body and posture.

Bringing Augmented Reality to Fitness

Ruben Baart
September 12th 2016
Fitbit just released a new motivational feature that aims to trigger their users to go out and exercise more.

Fitness Tracker to Make Happy Meal Healthier

Ruben Baart
August 30th 2016
McDonald’s provided their Happy Meals with a high-tech activity tracker toy.

Shock Therapy for a Better Self

Julia Weber
July 9th 2014
The Pavlok wristband gives its wearers an electric shock if they fail at hitting work deadlines or completing fitness goals.

We Are Weaker Than Our Ancestors

Alessia Andreotti
May 21st 2014
Human fitness has decreased so significantly that even the strongest of us would consider ancient men to have a supernatural force.

The (Almost) Invisible Dancing Wheelchair

Jonathon Markowski
October 15th 2013
Designed by a dancer, a new wheelchair moves intuitively with the user's movements.

Feeling Sad? Ladies in Korea Go Under the Knife for a Perma-Smile

Allison Guy
September 5th 2013
Surgery for a cute, cheerful duckface – permanently.
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