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Next Generation: Pei-Ying Lin is cooking with viruses

Britta de Vries
May 30th 2020

This story is part of Next Generation, a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Want to see your work here? Get in touch and plot your coordinates as we navigate our future together.

Have you ever thought about eating a virus? Chances are, you’ve already eaten something that has a virus as an active ingredient embedded in it, but we’ll get to that in a minute. 

There are actually many things that we can do with …

Meatable: From stem cells to pork chops

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
February 6th 2020

The food chain has always worked roughly like this: sunlight feeds plants. Plants feed insects. Insects and plants feed animals. Plants and animals feed people. Then eventually—not to get too morbid here—people feed the Earth. Nothing like the circle of life, eh?

But the traditional food chain’s getting shaken up. For starters, more and more people are opting to go vegetarian or vegan, both for health reasons and to do their part for the planet. Perhaps more interestingly, though, scientists …

Three ways farms of the future can feed the planet and heal it too

Karen Rial-Lovera
December 30th 2019

Intensive agriculture may be nourishing most of the Earth’s inhabitants, but it’s doing the opposite to earth itself. Its dependence on singular crops, heavy ploughing machinery, fossil-fuel based fertilisers and pesticides is degrading our soils wildlife and nutrient cycles, and contributing a quarter of the planet’s unwanted extra heat.

But we’re not powerless to change the future of food. Nature and technological innovation are tackling these problems head on – and if the solutions they’re offering are incorporated on a …

Next Generation: Why Annie Larkins’ egg project is essential for future food thinking

Freya Hutchings
November 29th 2019

This story is part of Next Generation, a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Your work here? Get in touch and plot your coordinates as we navigate our future together.

For her MA Material Futures graduate project, designer Annie Larkins set herself the impossible challenge of reverse engineering the humble chicken egg from scratch... That is, without a chicken.

The project started as a response to concern for the environment, an interest in …

Five (un)mundane things to do at Dutch Design Week 2019

Freya Hutchings
October 17th 2019

Lining up plans for Dutch Design Week? Once more, 2600 designers gather in over 120 locations during 450 events. So whether you're a local, new in town, or just passing through, you may still be agonizing over the extensive program in order to prioritize your favorites.

With this guide, we’re going back to basics. These five highlights will transform your mundane, everyday actions into extraordinary interactions — be it with other humans, data, organisms and even furniture.

Somewhere to ask…

Aleph Farms just grew meat in space for the first time

Freya Hutchings
October 9th 2019

Hello meat lovers! In vitro meat innovator Aleph Farms has taken the saying 'one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind' to a whole new level. The startup has succeeded in producing slaughter-free meat on the international space station (ISS), 339 km away from any natural resources, in one of the most extreme environments imaginable. Let's get you up to speed.

Didier Toubia, Co-Founder and CEO of Aleph Farms says that the project — a collaboration with …

Next Nature Night: Future food is on the menu

September 10th 2019

Always thinking about food? What about food that doesn’t exist yet? On the 18th of September at De Studio, Next Nature Network will host a night of talks on the future of food and beyond. The event will expand on themes presented in the Future Food exhibition, a collaboration between NNN and NEMO science museum, currently being shown at the same location.

What will we eat in the future? How will it be made and how will we consume it? …

Future Food: Here’s what we’ll be eating in 2050

August 1st 2019

What will you be having for breakfast, lunch or dinner in 2050? Where will this food be sourced? And how will it be prepared? Edible insects? A hamburger made from cultured meat? Or powders based on your DNA profile?

It may sound far-fetched, but with a growing world population we must carefully consider how to grow our food in the future. At our Future Food exhibition (i.c.w. NEMO Science Museum) you will get an insight into your future meals based …

A vegan meat revolution is coming to global fast food chains

Malte Rodl
July 2nd 2019

A few years ago, convincing meat-free “meat” was nothing more than a distant dream for most consumers. Meat substitutes in supermarkets lacked variety and quality. Plant-based burgers were few and far between in major fast food outlets – and meaty they were not.

But realistic alternatives to environmentally damaging meat are now big business – and global fast food chains are finally starting to take notice.

Burger King has announced that after a hugely successful trial, it will roll out …

10 Next Nature dinner table conversation starters

Ruben Baart
June 27th 2019

Summer is here and the sun is out, and yes, this is awesome. After a long day in the sizzling summer sun, you get a group of people together to share some delicious food, catch-up, and, of course, have dinner table conversations.

Dinnertime can be the perfect time to talk with your family, friends or colleagues. However, after a long day, you may find yourself having not much to say at the dinner table. Then, the pre-dinner party fear starts …

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