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Fake-for-Real: Octopus Lips

Freya Hutchings
January 20th 2020

A recent lip filler trend blew up on social media. 'Devil lips', or Octopus lips, have attracted divided opinion online. When the body modification hit Instagram, some spectators found the change in natural lip structure oddly attractive, to others it seemed completely ridiculous, and one beauty expert point blank dismissed them as dangerous, criticizing anyone who promoted the trend.

It is still unclear whether the fillers are a photo shop stunt or even surgically possible. Yet, a number of online …

Have you thought about your social media death?

Freya Hutchings
January 13th 2020

Recently, Twitter announced it would be clearing all inactive accounts in an effort to free up dormant usernames and prevent the risk of old accounts being hacked. The new policy was set to wipe out all members inactive for six months or more. This news alarmed many users, who had been treating the accounts of deceased members as spaces of memorialization, as online tombstones where friends and relatives could grieve together.

It seems, when data meets human emotion, the worlds …

Why Next Nature Network is hiring an army of bots

April 11th 2019

As we showed with HUBOT, we can use new technologies and robotics to make our work more enjoyable, interesting and humane. Aside from our speculative jobs, a lot of robotic companions already exist. Think about the robotic fish that observes marine life, the breathing pillow that helps you sleep and robotic arms that assist the surgeon. So why not join forces at Next Nature Network?

Not working against, but with robots!

Over the past few years, we have been actively …

‘Listen’ to your genetic heritage: Curate a playlist based on your DNA

Ruben Baart
September 27th 2018

Genealogy services have exploded over the past few years, and Spotify is capitalizing on the boom by providing curated playlist based on users’ DNA. Here's what you should know.

If you could listen to your DNA, what would it sound like?…

Smartphone app helps indigenous communities fight deforestation

September 13th 2018

Five people suspected of illegal gold mining in Peru are in custody after indigenous community members used a system called ForestLink to alert authorities to the activity.…

This startup uses body heat to mine crypto

Camille Charluet
May 15th 2018

While many love to speculate about the sheer number of jobs that robots and artificial intelligence are going to replace in the near future, no one seems to be coming up with any solid alternatives. One forward-thinking Dutch startup, however, believes humans should start using their bodies to produce capital… but not in the way you’re imagining.…

Here’s how the Dutch are embracing blockchain in the polder

Coen van de Ven
May 7th 2018

Smiling broadly and rattling with enthusiasm, the 33-year-old Rylana Doesburg shows off a QR-code on her phone: an angular pattern of black and white squares. “Thanks to this picture, last month I was able to buy rompers, a winter coat, and Christmas presents for my daughter.” For three months this single mother from Zuidhorn, the Netherlands, has made use of the “child package” from the municipality.…

The return of trade: Blockchain technology is enabling trade to make a fierce comeback

Koen Blezer
April 5th 2018

Before money came into existence, trading was all we knew. Farmers in China traded their spades for food and other goods, and this continued up until a point where most spades were no longer used for digging, as they had shrunk down for convenience in being a medium of exchange. While the heavily abstracted spades had turned into something that resembled its former function, farmers were still able to connect it to the environment in which the trade was happening …

The Story of Money: Bits

January 10th 2018
The story of money: an accessible roadmap from prehistory to digital age, from cows to credit, from gold mining to bitcoin mining. The final episode: bits.

The Story of Money: Plastic

January 4th 2018
The story of money: an accessible roadmap from prehistory to digital age, from cows to credit, from gold mining to bitcoin mining. This episode: plastic.
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