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Electric cars might not yet be green, but we should buy them anyway

Ranald Boydell
December 4th 2019

Transforming the way we travel is an essential part of tackling the climate crisis. The transport sector contributes about 20% of global carbon emissions. In the UK the figure is 33%, and the country has made virtually no progress in reducing emissions from transport. In many countries, they’re actually increasing.

Electric vehicles are often hailed as the solution to this quandary, but some question their environmental credentials. With much of the world’s electricity still produced from fossil fuels, the criticism …

Why electric cars should be allowed to drive faster

Van Mensvoort
December 4th 2019

In response to the nitrogen crisis, the Dutch cabinet is planning to reduce the speed limit during the day to 100 kph. In itself a sensible decision. But it is strange that this measure also affects motorists who cause no nitrogen emissions whatsoever. A missed opportunity to reward sustainable actions. That's why we started a petition. We want a separate lane for electric cars where 130 km/h is allowed. Sign if you agree with us.

Before I explain why we …

This artwork lets trees tell the story of climate change

Linda Valenta
December 18th 2018

In our ongoing battle against climate change, it's hard to transcend from our human position and ‘think’ like nature. Given, nature doesn't think the way humans do, but it does act upon the environmental changes that occur. Dutch artist Thijs Biersteker anticipated on this behaviour and enables trees themselves, to tell the pressing issue of climate change - narrated in a way for humans to understand.…

Your Next Nature guide to Unseen 2018: When Records Melt

Meike Schipper
September 10th 2018

Images largely shape our experience of reality. Just consider how imagery of nature continues to rise in popularity: only a society no longer grounded in their natural landscape is able to treat such a scenery as art.

Longing for a nature long lost, we instead immersive ourselves in paintings to appreciate the quality of untouched landscapes, we simulate snowfall for skiing experience, and we keep a piece of glacier ice as a relic of a different time. These natural and …

#French [Green] DreamTowers

Alec Schellinx
June 18th 2018

FrenchDreamTowers is an eco-friendly high-rise complex imagined by Paris-based architect studio XTU, for the city of Hangzhou in Southern China.

Currently under study, the project is c around XTU’s ‘bio-facade’ technology; that is glass panels coated with a layer of micro-algae. The extra layer of algae will provide natural insulation and further absorbs carbon dioxide while producing oxygen in the process.

In turn, this will contribute to offsetting the environmental impact of the sculptural glass construction. Each tower will host …

How this self-sustainable microhome may change the future of housing

Belen Munoz
March 2nd 2018

Looking for a self-sustainable mobile microhome? Ecocapsule got you covered. This cute-as-pie capsule pod allows you to live completely off the grid in a low-energy, mobile dwelling, packed into a compact egg-shaped form. And now, it's finally possible to pre-order one, as the Slovak company has just launched the production of their first series of self-sustainable pods, and we were curious to hear what's next.

Turning cities into parks: In conversation with Raymond Brouwers on Urban Street Forests

Jack Caulfield
February 22nd 2018

Urban neighborhoods with high-rise concrete buildings are often dreary and gray. Therefore, the Urban Street Forest project aims to color our cities with the planting of vertical forests by planting trees on the balconies of high-rise apartment buildings, involving local people, shops and organizations. We recently sat down with Raymond Brouwers, co-initiator of the project, to learn more about this hopeful initiative.…

Chernobyl goes green: The ambitious plan to reclaim a nuclear disaster site

Jack Caulfield
February 5th 2018

Chernobyl is famous as the site of the worst nuclear power accidents in history. The 1986 disaster has come to represent the perils of nuclear energy, much as Hiroshima represents the danger of nuclear weapons. But some think Chernobyl needn't only be a negative example. An enormous dome was placed over the reactor in 2016 to seal in radiation. Now, an ambitious new plan is in place to start generating energy at Chernobyl again. But don't worry - this time, …

Counteracting Climate Change with Geoengineering

Jack Caulfield
January 23rd 2018
A respected astrobiologist argues that a radical new process called geoengineering might be the only way to save us from climate change.

ReTuna: the Shopping Mall Selling Nothing but Recycled Products

Jack Caulfield
January 18th 2018
A Swedish shopping center is bucking the trend of mindless consumption. At the ReTuna Återbruksgalleria every product is made of recycled materials.
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