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Author Jenny Kleeman is meeting the people creating our future

July 3rd 2020

Meet Jenny Kleeman, journalist and documentary-maker. Sex Robots & Vegan Meat is her first book for anyone interested in, well, sex robots, vegan meat, out of body birth bags and end of life methods. Because what if we could have babies without having to bear children, eat meat without killing animals, have the perfect sexual relationship without compromise or choose the time of our painless death? A thought-provoking book that is presented in an accessible and plain language.

To find …

Meatable: From stem cells to pork chops

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
February 6th 2020

The food chain has always worked roughly like this: sunlight feeds plants. Plants feed insects. Insects and plants feed animals. Plants and animals feed people. Then eventually—not to get too morbid here—people feed the Earth. Nothing like the circle of life, eh?

But the traditional food chain’s getting shaken up. For starters, more and more people are opting to go vegetarian or vegan, both for health reasons and to do their part for the planet. Perhaps more interestingly, though, scientists …

Aleph Farms just grew meat in space for the first time

Freya Hutchings
October 9th 2019

Hello meat lovers! In vitro meat innovator Aleph Farms has taken the saying 'one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind' to a whole new level. The startup has succeeded in producing slaughter-free meat on the international space station (ISS), 339 km away from any natural resources, in one of the most extreme environments imaginable. Let's get you up to speed.

Didier Toubia, Co-Founder and CEO of Aleph Farms says that the project — a collaboration with …

Future Food: Here’s what we’ll be eating in 2050

August 1st 2019

What will you be having for breakfast, lunch or dinner in 2050? Where will this food be sourced? And how will it be prepared? Edible insects? A hamburger made from cultured meat? Or powders based on your DNA profile?

It may sound far-fetched, but with a growing world population we must carefully consider how to grow our food in the future. At our Future Food exhibition (i.c.w. NEMO Science Museum) you will get an insight into your future meals based …

10 Next Nature dinner table conversation starters

Ruben Baart
June 27th 2019

Summer is here and the sun is out, and yes, this is awesome. After a long day in the sizzling summer sun, you get a group of people together to share some delicious food, catch-up, and, of course, have dinner table conversations.

Dinnertime can be the perfect time to talk with your family, friends or colleagues. However, after a long day, you may find yourself having not much to say at the dinner table. Then, the pre-dinner party fear starts …

Taco futures: In vitro meat in Mexico City

Alejandro Alvarez
February 21st 2019

Our In Vitro Meat Cookbook has inspired many people around the world. Just recently, we had the BBC over at our headquarters to see what makes us thick.

This idea of in vitro meat certainly is — at least for now — an elaborate portion of food for thought (meat oyster anyone?). And with this in mind, the alumni of Tecnológico de Monterrey university, Mexico City, challenged themselves to speculate on possible (local) futures for in vitro meat and boil …

How in vitro meat became a subject of debate in the Dutch parliament

Ruben Baart
September 26th 2018

To all in vitro meat optimists, hear hear! In May 2018 we launched the petition 'In vitro meat is here. Let us taste it.' We proudly announce that this petition led to parliamentary questions, followed by a roundtable discussion with members of the Dutch parliament (which took place today). Prior to this debate, we were invited to hand over our petition - which was signed by 3282 people, thank you! - to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, …

Human Nature, designing the equilibrium with Koert van Mensvoort

June 19th 2018

Under the title Human Nature, designing the equilibrium, eleven designers will answer questions about a future in which Humankind and Nature enter into a new relationship. An initiative of Connecting the Dots and Creative Holland, we are happy to share our vision about this symbiosis in relation to our food, as told by our very own Koert van Mensvoort.…

Aleph Farms wants to bring clean meat from the lab to the next farming industry

Kelly Streekstra
June 19th 2018

Growing meat artificially, instead of within an animal, may soon be an available reality. Meet one of the pioneering developers of this product of the future: Aleph Farms. With their innovative methods, they are better able to mimic the structure and texture of our well-known beef. But they want to go beyond just mimicking 'real' meat. We spoke with Didier Toubia, founder and CEO of Aleph Farms, who sparked our imagination with his idea of the next farming industry. Are …

In vitro meat is here! But we are not allowed to taste it

May 22nd 2018
Previously we predicted that we would be eating in vitro meat by 2028. But as it turns out... In vitro meat is already here! And we are not allowed to eat it. The meat has been sealed by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, under new European 'Novel Foods' legislation. This means that we cannot test it. Therefore, we started a petition. We want to taste this in vitro meat at our own risk. Sign if you want
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