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How modern technology is inspired by the natural world

John A. Nychka
March 1st 2019

What do a kingfisher, cocklebur pods and a Namibian beetle have in common? Besides being living organisms, they have all served as inspiration for creative human technologies to solve challenging problems.

The kingfisher’s sleek beak spurred the streamlined nose design on high-speed trains in Japan. Cockleburs inspired the hook-and-loop fastener system Velcro. And the Namibian beetle’s back inspired a water-collection plant in the desert.

This is biomimicry. It is an approach to innovation, defined by the Biomimicry Institute as seeking: …

The bananaphone, part deux

Kelly Streekstra
March 15th 2018

Feeding our decades old bananaphone kidsplay, Nokia just reintroduced their banana phone. Once again, this shows that Nature is the most successful product of our time. We call this phenomenon Bio-mimic-marketing: using images of nature to market a product. Peculiar image of the week.…

19th Century Sculpture Seems to Be Holding a Smartphone

Jack Caulfield
January 31st 2018
Today's peculiar image comes from New York's Met Museum. No, the woman depicted in the sculpture isn't holding a smartphone!

FarmVille Turns into Real-Life Agriculture

Julie Reindl
March 16th 2017
A Japanese Start up brings Farmville back into real life by letting players grow physical food.

The Reinvention of Children’s Books

Mathilde Nakken
November 16th 2016
Why are children still learning to read from a book? Therefore Amazon is reinventing the children’s book in the form of an educational reading app, called Rapids.

2040: the Year We’ll Know How 2000 Was

Alejandro Alvarez
October 13th 2016
TThe Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows defines anemoia as the felling of nostalgia for a time you’ve never known. This word may not be frequently used, but it describes a common feeling.

Tangible Money in Digital Currency Era

Alejandro Alvarez
September 27th 2016
The Scrip, a new universal cash device is bringing back the old metallic sparkle of the money and mixing it with today’s technology in order to fill the deficiencies of our credit and debit cards.

Internet Open Daily from 7:00 to 22:30

Van Mensvoort
March 31st 2016
Symbol of the stalled development in the socialist state, or design for silence, quietude and meditation?

Wi-Fi Hotspots Take Over Old Payphones

Alessia Andreotti
January 26th 2016
New York City decided to definitely say goodbye to neglected payphones and replace them with Wi-Fi hotspots.

Listening to 3D Printed Records

Alexandra Bremers
November 4th 2015
Let's enjoy some 3D-printed records!
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