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March 12th 2019

Technology is coming closer to us. In the form of decades old headphones or state-of-art devices. It has always been a part of our lives and this only seems to develop further: Organ modules are grown from human cells, robots are asking for our attention and intelligent wearables control our emotions.

Technology is coming more and more towards—and inside—our body. Communication between people is also increasingly technologically mediated.

What does it mean for technology to colonize our body?

To explore …

Intimate Technology S01E08: Scroll

November 28th 2017
The last episode of our Intimate Technology series follows a minute in the life of a hyperconnected family in the digital era.

Intimate Technology S01E07: Our Selves

November 21st 2017
We think of selfhood as residing in our everyday stream of consciousness. But could we possibly have a second digital self in our online behaviors? Watch episode 3 of our Intimate Technology series.

Intimate Technology S01E06: Also, the Dichotomy of Pragmatism and Perversion

November 14th 2017
Do we treat our technologies with more care and sentimentality these days than we did in the past?

Intimate Technology S01E05: The Modular Body

November 7th 2017

The body, like any technology, is made up of countless individual components. Yet, apart from dire medical emergency, have you ever thought about mixing and matching these components, replacing old modules with shiny new upgrades - building a body? In The Modular Body, Floris Kaayk demonstrates what this process might look like.…

Intimate Technology S01E04: So Happy Together

October 31st 2017
What if you could upload your fondest memories to the cloud? Watch episode 4 of our Intimate Technology video series.

Intimate Technology S01E03: A iReal

October 24th 2017
What if your devices had a life of their own? Guy Farber’s playful short movie "An iReal" explores this very possibility.

Intimate Technology S01E02: Misbehaving (Ro)bots

October 17th 2017
"Misbehaving (Ro)bots" asks whether technology could hope to replicate these small bothersome quirks that instill a feeling of intimacy.

Intimate Technology S01E01: All My Clothes

October 11th 2017
This movie titled "All My Clothes" reminds us of a more straightforward example of intimate technology: the clothes we wear every day.