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COVID-19 is a virus, corona is a meme

Ruben Baart
April 3rd 2020

As the viral pandemic continues to spread, so too does the world’s collective uncertainty. As a result, people are turning to media for some levity. And can you blame them. Despite the biological impact the virus has on our lives, the cultural impact of the virus seems to play an evenly important role, potentially surpassing the impact it has on our biology. Here’s why that’s important.

The virality of panic

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to suggest that …

Your Next Nature guide to Transmediale 2019

January 18th 2019

Berlin is kicking off its cultural season with the not-to-miss 23th installment of Transmediale. This year the digital art/culture festival focuses on how feelings are made into objects of technological design, and asks what role emotions and empathy play within digital culture.

We combed the program so you don't have to:

How to Grow and Use Your Feelers (Workshop. Wednesday from 11:00 to 14:00

Donna Harrway's writings inspired the interdisciplinary techno-feminist research group #purplenoise to immerse us in a world …

China’s state news agency has unveiled a virtual newsreader

bryan clark
November 10th 2018

Don’t adjust your TV set, that’s just a new computer-generated news anchor working out the bugs.…

We Are What We Like

Alessia Andreotti
January 14th 2015
According to a study our PC, equipped with a list of things we "Like" on Facebook , knows us better than our friends.

Falling in Love According to Facebook

Alessia Andreotti
February 20th 2014
Facebook data science analyzed what happens to our virtual life when we fall in love.

Belief System Meets Operating System

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
February 6th 2014
The façade of an Indian temple constructed from a large-scale print of a Facebook Wall.

Assemble Your Own Computer

Alessia Andreotti
February 2nd 2014
Kano: the low-cost computer anyone can assemble.

Pixel Nostalgia Leads to Digital Pointillism

Alessia Andreotti
December 10th 2013
The return of megapixels.


Hendrik-Jan Grievink
August 18th 2013
Miss the soothing clacking of typewriter keys? Long for satisfying clang of a carriage return? Get iTypewriter for iPad.

Interact with Friends (in Real Life) with Facebook Monopoly

Alessia Andreotti
July 25th 2013
A Facebook version of Monopoly forces players to interact with each other in meatspace.
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